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Student Life

The wonderful, close-knit community at Muir College is directly linked to the high level of student initiation of and involvement with a wide range of activities and events throughout the year. Whether it be a whale watching trip, playing croquet, attending a casino night, writing an article for our own student-run newspaper, or performing in the Muir Musical we are certain there is an organization or activity for everyone!

- Muir Student Affairs Staff

What We Do

Student Affairs is comprised of Student Life & Development, Residential Life, and affiliated support services (CAPS, Success Coaching, Int'l/Out-of-State Outreach).  We work directly with students to engage them with the college culture, advise the many student organizations at the college, and develop and implement college programs that foster education and engagement outside of the classroom.  Most importantly, we're here to advocate for our students university wide.

Core Values

  • We value a student centered learning environment in which co-curricular experiences serve to strengthen and broaden student learning and student wellbeing.
  • We value an independent spirit and strive to support and nurture this through our community building and leadership.
  • We value a community where the principles of social justice and equity mindfulness are identified, explored, and supported in a safe and open environment.



Information & Resources

Now that you know a bit about what we in Student Life do, take a look at what we have to offer!  There are opportunities to connect with faculty through the college as well as information for transfer students, commuter students, international & out-of-state students, and so many more campus wide resources available!

Click here to learn more about what Muir College and UC San Diego have to offer!

Leadership & Involvement

A major function of the college is to provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and participate in student organizations to engage with other Muirons and to get involved with activities and programs outside of the class room.  John Muir College has a robust range of student organizations, college committees (for planning traditional events and programs), and other leadership opportunities (including opportunities to work at the college) available for students.

Current student organizations can find helpful information on our Student Organization Resources page which is also conveniently accessible through

Click here to learn more about Leadership and Involvement opportunities at Muir College!

Rights & Responsibilities

Student Life wouldn't be complete without an understanding of your rights and responsibility as a student.  There are many UC San Diego regulations, policies, and expectations that all students must abide by.  We've consolidated this information into one place that refers to them and provides you resources if you have questions.

Click here for find out more about the Rights and Responsibilities of UC San Diego students

Muir College Scholarship

The Muir College Scholarship is an award that is funded entirely by merchandise sales at the Muir College Center. The scholarship is awarded to two students every year, with one of the awards being based on financial need and the other one based on merit and the quality of the student’s application. In partnership with the College Center, this program helps promote student collaboration and support. Students have been enthusiastic in reinventing Muir apparel to promote college spirit and build community while also raising funds that will be awarded to the recipients of the scholarship.

The John Muir College Office of Student Affairs has established a campaign called “Students 4 Students” to promote student collaboration and student support. Through this campaign, we are excited to invite John Muir College students to apply for the John Muir College Scholarship, which will be awarded to one needs and non-needs based student.  Applications will be available in the Spring.  Check back for details!

Contact Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs is located in room 2126 of the Humanities & Social Science Building
We're open Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
We can be reached at (858) 534-3587 or via email