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Muir College Writing Program

Teaching for the Muir College Writing Program

The Muir College Writing Program is a sequence of courses in critical thinking and the writing of analytical prose. During these courses, students must advance beyond the basic competency expected at entrance to understand and write discourse acceptable at the university level. Even when faced with challenging topics, students must demonstrate the ability to comprehend texts at more than a cursory level; their writing must exhibit focused theses, systematic methods of analysis and argumentation, awareness of the needs of their audience, strong organization and development, clear presentation of ideas, appropriate syntax and diction, and needless to say, correct grammar and usage.

All MCWP courses meet twice a week, Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. TAs have 15 students per section and lecturers have 20 students per section. We generally hire lecturers in February and TAs in early May for the following academic year.

For TA applications, see Colleges TA recruitment page. Please review the different college pages and choose your order of preference carefully. Colleges start with applicants who have ranked them first and go from there.

For lecturer applications, see

We occasionally hire experienced instructors to be Non-Student Tutors (same job responsibilities as a TA). This generally happens from June through early September for the following academic year. For more information, please email