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Like UC San Diego's undergraduate students, all UC San Diego faculty are affiliated with one of its six undergraduate colleges.

The college system at UC San Diego was the visionary idea of the university's founding faculty, who wanted to give undergraduates something of the experience of a small liberal arts college while having the educational advantages of a large research university. Additionally, the colleges offer students choices in fulfilling their General Education requirements.

The Muir faculty established the college’s General Education and graduation requirements at its founding and makes changes to those requirements as necessary. In accordance with the College's by-laws, the faculty is represented by an elected six-member Faculty Executive Committee which advises the Provost, takes action on academic policies and other matters of concern to the faculty, and appoints other faculty committees as needed. Any changes to the by-laws are voted on by the entire faculty. The Writing Advisory Committee advises the Director of the Muir College Writing Program on matters relating to the College's writing requirement and participates in the hiring and review of MCWP professional staff.

Membership on College committees, including the Executive Committee and Writing Advisory Committee, counts as university service, necessary for promotion and merit advancement. Faculty also help out the College by discussing their research with students in the Freshman Honors Seminar and in many other ways. We are truly grateful to everyone who contributes to our efforts to make UC San Diego a stimulating and rewarding place for undergraduate students.

Faculty Executive Committee


Amy Cimini, Music

Carolyn Kurle, Ecology, Behavior and Evolution

Hyonny kim, Structural Engineering

Kevin Lewis, Social Sciences 

Lisa Tauxe, Scripps Institute of Oceanography

Faculty Writing Advisory Committtee


Kimberly Cooper, Cell and Developmental Biology

Hyonny Kim, Structural Engineering

Stacey Brydges, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Kate Antonovics (On leave, Provost for Seventh College)

Carrie Wastal, Muir Writing Program



Academic Senate Representative Assembly


Elana Zilberg - Communication

Joshua Figueroa - Chemistry/Biochemistry

Lelli Van Den Einde (Alternate) - Structural Engineering


Elana Zilberg - Communication

Joshua Figueroa - Chemistry/Biochemistry


Rebecca Jo Plant - History

Dr. John D. (Jody) Blanco - Literature