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For the Parents and Families of Our Muir Students

As college advisors, we provide general academic advising on a wide range of topics (general education, university requirements, navigating campus rules and regulations, choosing a major, selecting classes, developing educational goals). We are a great first contact if students aren't sure where to start, and make referrals as appropriate. We offer advising hours (both drop-in and appointments) Monday through Friday and students can reach us  24 hours a day through the Virtual Advising Center

Whether you are a parent, a foster parent, a brother or sister, aunt or uncle, a grandparent, extended family, or family of choice, you are a key part of a students' educational experience and we rely on you to help us help your students! Though we cannot share information freely with you regarding your student's academic record (see the "confidentiality" section below), we can certainly talk about general university policies. If you see something on the website or hear something from us that you think your student would benefit from, pass it on to your student or suggest a visit to our office. And feel free to reach out to us if you have specific questions.


Your student’s privacy is protected by the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and state and university policies. We are not able to disclose student academic records to others, but we are always available to speak generally about university and college requirements and policies, academic standing, and campus resources, and to help you find ways to better communicate and help your student through resources, processes, and support programs. 

Students can sign a privacy release so that we can discuss academic matters with you, but we are still required to verify who we are speaking with and notify the student of any release of information, so we usually use the release of information as a tool so we can talk to families and the student together. 

How to Reach Academic Advising

You can reach us directly by phone at 858-534-3580 or by email at and we will follow up with you as soon as possible!

Some Useful Links for Parents and Families