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Muir College Writing Program

Physical Office Closed

Contact us through the Virtual Advising Center or on Canvas

Pass/No Pass Grading Option Available for Spring 2020

To change a grading option, log onto WebReg and select Spring 2020. From there, a list of your enrolled classes should appear. Click the "Change" button on the class you wish to modify. You should be able to choose "Letter" or "Pass/No Pass". As of April 2nd Pass/No Pass is available for all MCWP courses. You have until June 5 to change your grading option (for SP20 only). Whether this is the best decision will depend on how you're doing in the class, and your plans post-graduation. 


For SUMMER, any student with more than 90 *enrolled* units must request preauthorization to enroll by sending a request on the Virtual Advising Center. P/NP is not approved for Summer courses at this time.


Every FALL QUARTER, we hold the majority of seats in classes (MCWP 40, 50, and 125) for incoming students.

MCWP Topics and Schedules

Students can find more information about our course schedule and topics on the following pages:

Enrollment Information

First-pass enrollment priority will be given to students during their first six quarters (and to transfer students during their first three quarters per required course) at UCSD. All other Muir students will be eligible to enroll during the second-pass enrollment period. Notification will be posted in your Virtual Advising Center the day before registration starts during regular quarters.

If you have more than 90 cumulative units and have not received a pre-authorization message in your Virtual Advising Center, please come in to our office or send a message to the Virtual Advising Center in order to be cleared to enroll.

Important Dates for Spring 2020:

  • Monday, March 30. First day of classes
  • Friday, April 17. Last day to add classes and attend class as waitlisted student
  • Friday, May 1. Deadline to change graduation option, change units, and drop classes without "W" grade on transcript
  • Friday, May 15. Deadline to drop without penalty of "F"
  • Monday, May 25. No classes in honor of Memorial Day.
  • Thursday, June 5. Last day of instruction - Check with instructor for final paper due date. Last day to change grading option 

Textbook Information

All MCWP 40, 50, and 125 Readers are sold through the UCSD Bookstore.

MCWP 40 Required Textbooks for Spring 2020:

  • MCWP 40 Fall Reader
  • A Writer's Reference, 8th Edition by Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers (for Muir College Writing Program)
  • Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash by Edward Humes

MCWP 50/125 Required Textbooks for Spring 2020:

  • Spring 2020 Reader for each section
  • A Writer's Reference, 8th Edition by Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers (for Muir College Writing Program)
  • The Craft of Research, Third Edition by Wayne Booth, Gregory Colomb, and Joseph Williams

Quick Links:

Link ti The Writing and Critical Expression Hub