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Muir Families

Muir Families

Welcome to John Muir College! I'm delighted that your student has chosen to attend UC San Diego and Muir College. Students who enter Muir College belong to a select group. The ratio of applications to available spaces in UC San Diego's freshman class this year was almost twelve to one, allowing us a particularly high admission standard. Each Fall, the combined verbal and mathematics SAT scores of Muir College students are among the highest at UC San Diego and in the University of California system.

In just a little over four decades, UC San Diego has risen to rank among the best research universities in U.S. and abroad. We're proud of that, and you can be proud that your son or daughter will hold a degree from one of the most respected universities in the world. The eminence of UC San Diego's faculty and the quality of its undergraduate and graduate programs mean that your son or daughter can take advantage of academic opportunities of the highest caliber. At the same time, UC San Diego's college system offers students many of the advantages of a small liberal arts college along with the opportunities available at a cutting-edge research university. The colleges give students a choice as to how they will fulfill their General Education requirements.  At Muir, a flexible set of General Education and graduation requirements encourages students to take an active role in their own intellectual development. As small-scaled communities within the university, the colleges also offer students a home base from which to explore the university at large. Muir takes particular pride in fostering a friendly, inclusive community for all our students, both residents and commuters.

Muir has a staff of experienced and dedicated professionals in Academic Advising, Residential Life, and Student Affairs who are all here to help your student make the most of the opportunities that UC San Diego has to offer. Academic Advising answers questions relating to General Education and graduation requirements, majors and minors, and educational opportunities such as study abroad, and provides counseling and support for students in academic difficulty. Residential Life oversees all aspects of life in Muir's residence halls, and Student Affairs is responsible for Muir's many student organizations, leadership opportunities, social events, and counseling students on non-academic issues.

I have been deeply impressed by the fine young students at John Muir College, and I greatly appreciate your entrusting them to us.

~ Provost K. Wayne Yang


Coming by for a Visit?

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