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Muir College Parent & Family Information

Congratulations on your student’s decision to attend John Muir College at UC San Diego! We hope that you also will engage with the college through opportunities we are offering along with your student's Orientation.

As this is an exciting time in your students educational journey, we can imagine it is an exciting and proud time for you as well.  Muir College provides you with an opportunity to connect with college staff and information about services and resources in a space with other families who are experiencing similar transitions within their families.

Whether your student is living on campus or commuting, we will provide you with presentations and information aimed at preparing you for this important transition and the college experience your student is about to begin.

The Q&A sessions offered to parent and family members are not mandatory. If you would like to take part in one, please note the program is recommended for adult family members ONLY. All programs will be conducted in English.

Participants in the Parent & Family Q&A sessions follow their own schedule, separate from the students. The Q&A allows folks to connect with the Muir Provost, Dean of Academic Advising, Dean of Student Affairs, and other college staff who will be supporting your student. 

COMPASS - Your Online Preview to John Muir College and UC San Diego

John Muir College has put together a free online program to provide you with information on John Muir College, UC San Diego, and many of the resources available so that you may better support your student during this exciting time of transition. We encourage you to take some time and go through COMPASS as it may address several questions you may have.

To access COMPASS, please go HERE.

LIVE Q&A Webinars

We will be hosting virtual LIVE Question and Answer sessions later this summer. Please check back here after August 1 for dates and times. We will also include an option in Spanish.

During the sessions, you will be able to ask questions you may have to a panel of college staff from Muir College Student Affairs and Academic Advising, as well as a panel of our current students.

How to Register & Fee for a Parent & Family Q&A Session 

There is no cost to attend the Q&A sessions for parents and family members.  However, attendees will still need to register as we only have a limited number of spaces available. 

Your registration is a separate registration process from your student's. You may only be provided the information to  register AFTER your student registers for their student Orientation programs.

Please direct your student to their College Orientation Registration to register for an Orientation session.  Student registration will begin in mid May. 

After your student registers for Orientation, parents/guardians and family members will receive information on how to sign up for sessions beginning mid July.

Questions about Family Orientation?

Please email