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Academic Advising


Muir Advising & You

Our team of Academic Advisors help you make decisions, plan classes, navigate campus deadlines and policies, and connect you to student support services. We're part of a network including specialized advisors in major and minor departments and programs, and the Career Center. 

From orientation through graduation, our relationship is based on working together as partners. We advise. You decide.

The role of a Muir College Advisor is to guide, clarify, refer when appropriate, and to empower you to make informed decisions about your academic life. We support you and will also challenge you to own your choices and to reflect about what it means to be an active participant in your education.

We can answer questions about general education, university requirements, clarification on general enrollment or university policies, and how to use academic tools and resources. We also can help in making sense of your time at the university.  We will give you a referral when needed. This is done when your question is better addressed by a different campus expert. For instance, here are some common referrals:

How to Contact Us

The Muir Academic Advising Office is available to help with your academic advising needs. At this time, we offer a hybrid format of services that are in person and remote.

Our advising services are always updated on the Academic Advising Services tab and we strongly advise checking our Google Calendar.  

Ask a Question

You can drop quick questions for us using the "Ask a Question" feature on the Virtual Advising Center (VAC).

Meet with an Advisor

  • Virtual Advising Office Hours: You can meet with a Muir College Advisor during our Virtual Advising Office Hours.  See Calendar for available hours. 
  • One-on-one Appointments: We have more limited hours for one-on-on appointments in person or on Zoom Mondays-Fridays. 
  • Zoom links and Calendly links are all on the Virtual Advising Center if you choose "Meet with an Advisor"