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M.O.M's Cafe

images from a coffee shop

photo credit: former Muirista Jason Tsang

Bringing the quintessential college coffee shop experience to the UCSD, M.O.M's Cafe is located within the Middle of Muir, on the first floor of Stewart Commons. A focus on people and product drives MOM's; drawing customers from across campus willing to hike campus for their favorite coffee and tea drinks. MOM's Cafe carries fair-trade, organic coffee from a San Diego roaster (Café Virtuoso), premium tea (Tea Bazaar), and fresh local pastries (Bread & Cie).

The catalysts of this magic are the Muiristas (JMC baristas) capable of carrying on conversations while they craft beverages and make sure you get to class on time. M.O.M's Cafe is a student-run, college-directed, enterprise serving John Muir College and surrounding campus community
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