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Muir College Writing Program

Enrollment Information For Transfers

The Muir College writing requirement is designed to prepare students for university writing. Ideally, Muir College students  complete this requirement before upper-division course work is attempted. To this end, enrollment priority is given to first- and second-year students (3 quarters of priority per required course).

All students with more than 90 units are blocked from enrolling via WebReg unless they are preauthorized by the Muir College Writing Program. Preauthorization allows a student with more than 90 units to enroll; it does not guarantee enrollment. Follow the links below for information relevant to your situation

We gather the information to preauthorize students in week 3. If anything has changed after that time (dropped MCWP class, IGETC posted), please let us know.

If your situation is not covered here, plan to take other coursework for your first quarter and send a message in the Virtual Advising Center once you have enrolled in your first classes. You will not be able to send a message through the Virtual Advising Center until you are enrolled in classes.

Preauthorization Notifications

**Check your Virtual Advising Center contact record for information before contacting the program**