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Muir College Writing Program

Enrollment Information For non-IGETC Transfers

  • Transfer students without IGETC must request preauthorization for MCWP courses their first Fall quarter at UC San Diego.
  • Transfer students from California Community Colleges who did not complete IGETC may apply to waive MCWP 40 and satisfy the Muir College Writing requirement with MCWP 125 (or MCWP 50), if they have completed the two composition courses required for IGETC certification areas 1A and 1B at their California Community College with a grade of C or higher. AP credit does not apply. You can submit a waiver application here.
  • IF YOU DO NOT ENROLL IN MCWP COURSES DURING YOUR PRIORITY PERIOD (first 3-6 quarters at UCSD), YOU MAY ONLY ENROLL IN THESE COURSES DURING YOUR SECOND PASS. This means you will almost certainly be trying to get in from a waitlist.