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Muir College Writing Program

Enrollment Information for Transfers from 4-year Institutions

  • You must request preauthorization for MCWP courses your first Fall quarter at UC San Diego (if you are not petitioning coursework).
  • Students who complete English composition courses from a four-year institution might be able to petition out of MCWP 40 and/or 50. Please read our course petition procedure and contact the Muir Writing Program office through the Virtual Advising Center (choose Muir Writing as the reason for your question). If you are petitioning, you should plan on other coursework for Fall quarter. Petitions will be reviewed starting in September.
  • Submit your petition as soon as possible. Be in contact with our office through the Virtual Advising Center once you enroll in classes.
  • Enrollment priority means you can enroll during your first pass. Transfer students receive 3 quarters of enrollment priority for each required course. If you petition a course successfully, you will have 3 quarters of priority starting from your first enrolled quarter (even if you petition after your third quarter). If you need to take MCWP 40 and 50, you will have 6 quarters of enrollment priority.
  • IF YOU DO NOT ENROLL IN MCWP COURSES DURING YOUR PRIORITY PERIOD (first 3-6 quarters at UCSD), YOU MAY ONLY ENROLL IN THESE COURSES DURING YOUR SECOND PASS. This means you will almost certainly be trying to get in from a waitlist.