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Environmental Studies Minor

Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies Minor is open to students from all majors and colleges at UC San Diego. It offers a broad interdisciplinary perspective on the environmental aspects of any field of study.  Scientists, engineers, policy-makers, and business leaders alike will be challenged to find solutions to problems such as global warming, energy use, and the decline in natural ecosystems and biodiversity. Additionally, educators at every level will be called upon to inform their students about how environmental issues affect our lives and how we can make our lifestyles more sustainable.

Current Advising Schedule

Due to COVID-19, all advising for the Environmental Studies minor is being offered remotely.  Please use the College Minor VAC to send your advising questions to the Environmental Studies advisor.  We will respond within 1-2 business days.

We are not currently hosting Zoom appointments but are happy to assist you through the College Minor VAC

Announcement - P/NP Policy for FA20 & WI21

  • The Environmental Studies Minor currently accepts two courses as P/NP for the minor.
  • Any courses taken during FA20 or WI21 for the minor as P/NP will NOT factor towards this limit.
  • The deadline to change the grading option for WI21 has been extended by special exception to Friday of Week 10 of Winter quarter (March 12th)
  • Students may change their grading option for Winter quarter using WebReg.

Please note:

  • If students are taking courses for the minor as P/NP that overlap with their major, they must consult with their major department about the P/NP policies for the major.  (A maximum of 2 UD courses or 8 UD units are allowed to overlap between a student's major and minor.)
  • Students must earn the equivalent of a C- or better in a course to receive a P grade.
  • Units earned for Pass grades in Fall 2020 will count toward the 25% maximum of UCSD units allowed by the University.


The Environmental Studies Minor is housed at John Muir College and has its main office in the Humanities and Social Sciences Building (H&SS) Room 2126.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to COVID-19, the Environmental Studies Office is closed. Advising is being offered remotely through the College Minor VAC.

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