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Muir Student Organization Resources

Below are a variety of forms and links for Muir Student Organizations. If you have any questions please contact your student organization advisor or for general questions, please contact the John Muir College Office of Student Affairs.



  • Current Year MCC Approved Budget (PDF)
  • Request funds or release a Lien from Muir College Council (MCC)
    • To request funds or release a Lien from MCC, discuss this with your advisor and then email the current MCC President and ask to be placed on the agenda for the next MCC Meeting (Thursdays from 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. in Half Dome Lounge).  After you've spoken with your advisor, fill out the online funding request form.



Equipment & Services


  • If you're planning a large event or an event or activity on or off campus that may involve risk, talk to your advisor if you need to fill out a Group Waiver (PDF)
  • Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Forms and Information 
  • Muir College House Advisors A/V
    • To request the HA A/V Team and their speakers, microphones, and other equipment for an event, complete the request form 2 weeks in advance of your event. Stay tuned for updates and correspondence in your e-mail. (Muir Student Organizations Only)
  • Need tables and chairs for an event?
    • To request for tables and/or chairs for an event, email Muir Reservations 2 weeks in advance. Please include the name of your organization, quantity of tables/chairs needed, and general times of use. (Must be affiliated with Muir College)
  • Muir Infrastructure/Equipment
    • If you need flood lights (up to 2), a projector, or a camera for your event, email Muir Reservations 2 weeks in advance to request a reservation.
    • If you would like to use the grills in the lower Muir Quad, fill out the Muir Quad Reservation Form (open to Muir Student Organizations and Houses only)

Facility Reservation

  • Muir College Reservation Policy
    • Note: Per campus and county health guidelines, use of reservable facilities at Muir is postponed indefinitely.
    • Reservation Request Google Form (ONLY for Registered Muir College Student Organizations and Houses)
  • Need to reserve the Tioga 11th Floor Seminar Room?
    • To reserve the seminar room, please visit the Muir Residential Life Office and speak with the front desk or contact them via email.
  • Want to have an event in Muir Quad of the Middle of Muir (M.O.M.)?
  • Want to reserve Sun God Lawn?
  • Have questions about making a reservation or the reservation process?  Contact Muir Reservations.
  • Additional spaces are available through central campus for Muir College organizations.  These spaces can be reserved through OneStop.

Leadership Resources

Leadership Resources

Below, find four documents that may prove useful in running your meetings and leading your student organization:

Student Organization Criteria

I. Criteria to Exist as a John Muir College Student Organization

1. Organization Criteria

  1. Student organization must have a unique mission and focus different from that of current Muir College student organizations and campus-wide organizations.  The mission and focus must clearly identify the benefit the organization will provide for John Muir College students.
  2. Organizations must be independent organizations, not affiliated with a campus-wide student organization, club, or committee. (e.g. Muir College Student Organizations cannot be registered as student organization through the Center for Student Involvement).
  3. Organizations cannot be a sports or recreational club and/or team.


2. Executive Board Criteria

  1. Minimum of 3 executive members and a maximum of 7* executive members *If the organization would like more than 7 executive officers, the organization must get special permission from the Muir College Office of Student Affairs via their advisor.
  2. At least 2/3 of executive board must be currently enrolled Muir College students or current Muir College residents who are currently enrolled UC San Diego undergraduate students.
  3. Each organization must identify a Chief Executive Officer (e.g. Chair, President, Editor-in-Chief)* to serve as the primary contact for the student organization. This person will be responsible for keeping the organization accountable for following all college and university policies as well as the UC San Diego Principles of Community.
    * If the organization chooses to use alternate titles than the ones specified above, the organization must get special permission from the Muir College Office of Student Affairs via their advisor.
  4. All student organization executive members must agree to and sign the Muir College Indemnification Agreement


3. Membership Criteria

  1. Only currently enrolled UC San Diego undergraduate students may be members of Muir College student organizations.
  2. Organizations must be open to all currently enrolled Muir College students.
  3. 2/3 of student organization members must be currently enrolled Muir College students or current or former Muir College residents who are currently enrolled UC San Diego undergraduate students.
  4. Membership list, including name, PID number, UC San Diego email address, and college affiliation of each member, must be maintained by the executive board.


4. Outreach Criteria

  1. Programs, events, and meeting times must be advertised to the Muir College community.
  2. Recruitment efforts should be primarily focused on the Muir College community.

If all criteria listed above are not met, the organization will not be/no longer be an official John Muir College registered student organization.


II. Requirements

  1. Each organization must register with Muir College on an annual basis. The registration period will open in May and close in August.
  2. Student organizations needing meeting space must submit a reservation request.
  3. All student organizations must participate in Muir College student organization fairs occurring during Welcome Week, Winter quarter, and Triton Day.
  4. Every executive member must attend the Fall quarter student organization training.
  5. Student organizations must complete the indemnification form during the registration process.
  6. Executive members must meet regularly with a college-assigned advisor.
  7. Each organization must have at least 1 executive member attend monthly org head meetings throughout the academic year.
  8. Student organizations requesting funding for the following year, must submit a budget call to Muir College Council Spring quarter.

How to Start a New Student Organization

How To Start a New Student Organization at Muir College

Effective Fall 2020, John Muir College is not accepting applications for new student organizations.

Re-Registering as a Student Organization

Re-Registering Current Student Organizations

  • On a yearly basis, Muir College student organizations must re-register with the Office of Student Affairs.  Information will be sent out to student organization leadership at the beginning of each year.  If you have any questions, please contact the Muir College Office of Student Affairs.