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Leadership Positions & Opportunities

If you want to take your college experience up to the next level, consider applying for one of the leadership opportunities available at John Muir College!  You'll gain valuable experience and have a great time working with fellow Muirons!

House Advisor (HA)

House Advisors develop residential communities within the Residence Halls and Apartments of John Muir College.  HA's help create a living-learning community that is respectful, fun, safe, and conducive for out-of-classroom learning. HAs possess and develop leadership, counseling, and confrontation management skills. HAs are compensated with Room & Board on the JMC campus.

Questions? Contact the Residential Life Office!

Orientation Program Opportunties

John Muir College recruits ethusiastic and eager students to serve in various positions to provide new, incoming students and their families with a worthwhile experience during the New Student Orientation Programs.  Often serving as a new student's first point of contact, our Orientation Leaders, Orientation Assistants, Orientation Interns, and Senior Orientation Leaders lay the foundation for student success and welcome new students and their families to the John Muir College community while gaining valuable leadership skills.  For more information on how to get involved with the Orientation Program, please click HERE.

Muir College Center Assistants

The Middle of Muir employs thirty students each year to run the Muir College Center (MOM Market, Coffee Shop, back office). MOMers and Muiristas assist in all aspects of the operation, including advising on new programs, events, and services. Interviews and selection occurs in Spring Quarter, with training and start of service the following Fall. Applications post to UCSD's Handshake website when available. Contact the Muir College Center Director, Justin Glover, for more information.

Muir Peer Program

Muir Peer Program

Are you a new student who would like someone to “show you the ropes” at Muir College and UCSD?

Are you interested in being a mentor to a freshman or new transfer student?

The Muir Peer Program (MPP) is a mentorship program designed to assist students with the social, personal, and academic adjustments associated with college. The Muir Peer Program will begin Fall Quarter.

Questions? Please contact the Muir Peer Program Coordinator. 

Applications are sent out over the summer to all students' UCSD emails, so keep any eye out if you're interested!  Feel free to contact the Muir Peer Program Coordinator if you have any questions!

Leadership Retreats

Interested in developing your leadership skills? During this all-day retreat you will have the opportunity to sit in on workshops with topics such as, interviewing, career planning, and much more! You will also get a chance to meet seasoned leaders to get advice on how to successfully organize, plan, and publicize a program/event.

Drop us an email for more information.

Leadership Awards

Muir College has a proud tradition of recognizing the achievements or our student leaders through a variety of awards bestowed yearly at our leadership reception.  More information can be found here!