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John Muir College recruits enthusiastic and eager students to serve in various positions to provide new, incoming students and their families with a worthwhile experience during the New Student Orientation Programs. Often serving as a new student's first point of contact, our Orientation Leaders, Orientation Assistants, Orientation Interns, and Senior Orientation Leaders lay the foundation for student success and welcome new students and their families to the John Muir College community while gaining valuable leadership skills.

 Benefits of being a part of the Muir College Orientation Team:

  • Develop/build skills in public speaking and group facilitation
  • Learn more about the history and traditions of Muir College and UC San Diego
  • Build relationships with other student leaders and Muir College staff
  • Develop/build transferable skills in the areas of time and project management, conflict resolution, diversity and social justice education, and problem solving that you can take with you to other positions on cmapus and all other future endeavors!

Any student who is currently enrolled at UC San Diego is eligible to apply and we strongly encourage Commuter and Transfer students to apply for these positions as well!

Orientation Leader

Muir College Orientation Leaders (OLs) help to create the first impression of Muir College to our new students (First Years and Transfers) and their families. Muir College Orientation Leaders serve as role models to our new students while introducing them to campus and helping them transition into the academic year eager to engage in and contribute to the Muir College and UC San Diego communities. 

Please note that we are no longer accepting applications.  The deadline to apply was January 16th at 11:59PM.

Senior Orientation Leader

Muir College Senior Orientation Leaders (SOLs) play an integral leadership role in the Muir College Orientation program. As former Orientation Leaders (OLs), SOLs have a wealth of knowledge to help new and returning OLs successfully serve incoming Muir College students. SOLs assist with various aspects of OL training and are the first point of contact for OLs and a liaison between OLs and Muir College professional staff during Orientation.

Orientation Assistant

Muir College Orientations Assistants (OAs) help facilitate and drive Muir College's Parent & Family Program.  As former OLs, OAs use their previous experience to connect with famiy members attending the program and provide them with the information and knowledge regarding resources and support available to their students.  OAs assist the college staff with their presentations and make sure that the transtitions from session-to-session run smoothly.  OAs are also readily accessible to address the needs of any college staff or attending guest.

Orientation Intern

Muir Orientation Interns work closely with our professional staff throughout the year on orientation logistics (correspondences, trainings, program structure, etc.) and play a major role in our communication with students and families about the Muir College Orientation Program. Applicants for this position should be creative and have strong administrative and organizational skills.

Application and Interview Information

Typically, the hiring timeline is as follows:

Orientation Leader position: Application opens mid-November and close mid-January.  Group and individual interviews are conducted in late-January and throughout February.  ** 2020 Orientation Leader Group Process is scheduled for Saturday, January 25th **

Senior Orientation Leader position: Application opens and close in mid-October.  Interviews are held late-October and early-November.

Orientation Assistant position: Applications open and close in mid-October.  Interviews are held late-October and early-November.

Orientation Intern position: Application opens and closes in early-May.  Interviews are held late-May.


Keep a lookout in Muir Words or return to the Muir College website Home Page for these opportunities! 


2020 Orientation Mandatory Dates

To be eligible to work as part of the orientation team, you must be available to work the following dates:

Orientation Programs
Monday, September 14th, through Wednesday, September 30th: All orientation team members

Spring Trainings
Every Wednesday in Spring Quarter from 2:30PM-4:30PM: Senior Orientation Leaders and Orientation Leaders
Seven days throughout Spring Quarter (TBD): Orientation Assistants
Sunday, April 5th (tentative): Orientation Interns, Senior Orientation Leaders, and Orientation Assistants
Saturday, April 18th: All orientation team members
Saturday in May (TBD): All orientation team members

Other Dates
Saturday, April 4th: 10 Orientation team members for Triton Day
Saturday, May 9th: 10 Orientation team members for Transfer Triton Day

For questions, please contact the Orientation & New Student Programs Coordinator at