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Muir College Council

Muir College Council is the student government of Muir College. We serve in a large number of capacities to represent, advocate, and support the students of the Muir community. We act as a bridge between Muir students and Muir staff, other student governments, and the rest of UC San Diego.

What does this look like?

  • Working on projects and initiatives in the Muir community
  • Advocating on behalf of students in meetings and to staff around campus
  • Funding Muir student organizations, projects, and events
  • Planning and putting on events for the Muir community
  • Sharing information with students about what is going on at UC San Diego and in Muir College
  • Building community and finding ways to support students in Muir College
  • Creating positive impact in the Muir community

Some examples of things MCC has done in the past include:

  • Renovation and designing of the El Portal commuter lounge
  • Establishment of Muir Commuter Lockers
  • Installation of the solar-powered umbrellas in M.O.M. Quad

We meet every Thursday at 6:00PM in Half Dome Lounge.

Get Involved



Please “Make a copy” of This Google Form to request funding and email your request to . 

Contact Us

Contact us: On Instagram @muircollegecouncil or email us or