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Muir College Student Organizations

Muir College has a large number of student organizations that give our students to get involved in the Muir community.  Join a student organization today to improve your experience at UCSD by developing leadership skills, extra-curricular experience, and life-long friendships.

For current student organizations, the college has many resources available for your use that can be found here.

Gourmet Muir

Gourmet Muir's goal is to promote healthy eating by encouraging student involvement in cooking. Gourmet Muir caters to both novice and experienced cooks by offering a variety of events, from presentations on kitchen basics to professional chef demonstrations and iron chef competitions.

Instagram: @gourmetmuir 

Muir Art Club (MAC)

MAC Logo

Muir Art Club (MAC) is for students who have a love for art and an ability to artistically express themselves while making new friends. 


Muir College Commuter Council (M3C)

M3C Logo

Muir College Commuter Council (M3C) is a group of Off-Campus and Commuter students that want to help students living off-campus feel more at home at UC San Diego and Muir College. M3C strives to provide community, resources, and transportation guidance to off-campus students so they feel supported as they embark on their university journey. We are known for our weekly newsletter, biweekly breakfasts, online events, and our many opportunity drawings! If you live off-campus, and you want to find community, check out M3C! You can email us for questions or advice at

Instagram: @m3catucsd
Facebook: @muir.commutercouncil

Muir College Council (MCC)

MCC LogoWith a budget generated by a student activity fee, this student governing body decides how best to allocate these funds. Muir College Council (MCC) members represent the interests of Muir students when crucial decisions are being made about the College or University.


Muir Croquet Team (MCT)

Muir Croquet Team provides participants with a friendly, fun game of croquet while hanging out with the College Provost. Everyone is welcome to enjoy single or team play. The Croquet team plays weekly in the Muir Quad!

Instagram: @yoursincroquet

Muir Environmental Corps (MEC)

MEC Logo

Muir Environmental Corps (MEC) participates in environmental activities at the college and in the surrounding community.  Outings include clean-up projects at the cliffs, and along streams and beach bluffs, supporting recycling efforts around the campus, and coordinating Muir’s Annual Whale Watching Trip.  MEC publishes The Tramp (John Muir’s nickname), Muir’s environmental newsletter.  They are also involved with Muir's new community garden "Half Dome Meadows."


Muir Eventual Doctors (MED)


Are you considering a future in the medical or health field, but are not sure if it’s right for you? Muir Eventual Doctors (MED) is designed around medical discussions, presentations from prestigious speakers, networking with other students, and having fun. Join the club to find out more! 


Muir Residents’ Council (MRC)

MRC Logo

Muir Residents’ Council (MRC) is comprised of representatives from each house plus the apartments, Res Council is best known for the annual Halloween Carnival and Pumpkin Drop, Spirit Night, Midnight Breakfast, Burnout Center, and other events that appeal to Muir’s residential community

Muir Organizing Board (MOB)

MOB Logo

Muir Organizing Board (MOB), a notorious group, plans several annual events such as the Suitcase Dance and Casino Night. Additionally, MOB subsidizes off-campus excursions to Knott’s Scary Farm, Big Bear Mountain, and much more. If you are interested in planning events, then check out MOB! 


Muir Outspoken: Creative Writing Collective

If you or someone that you know would like
To find a place and time to sit and write,
Or maybe share some pieces you have writ,
Or find some folks to help inspire wit.
Perhaps you seek a place outside the norm,
And find a place to laugh within the storm.
A place to foster creativity;
Then Muir Outspoken this place may just be


This org is currently inactive and looking for new members. For more information, please contact

Muir Volunteer Program (MVP)

MVP Logo

From tutoring to food drives, Muir Volunteer Program (MVP) is one of the most active organizations with weekly service opportunities.  Some non-profit organizations with which MVP has worked include the San Diego Center for Children, John Muir K-12 School, YMCA, KPBS, and San Diego’s Adopt-a-Family.


Muir Quarterly (MQ)

MQ Logo

The MQ is Muir's premiere satire newspaper, with an on and off-campus readership in the thousands! Our goal is to produce hard-hitting humor and (hopefully) laugh while doing it! Whether you're a fan of writing, design, graphics, distribution, or copy editing, there's always something to do! No previous experience in newspapers or satire is necessary, and we'd love to have you as a part of the team!

Instagram: @the_mq

Muir Unplugged

A welcoming and supportive community of students, Muir Unplugged open mic org showcasing all types of talents for anyone willing to take the stage at the Middle of Muir.

Instagram: muirunplugged 

This org is currently inactive and looking for new members. For more information, please contact

PLANTS! (Muir's Community Garden)

Tucked away behind the Muir College Center, you’ll find Muir’s very own garden called Half Moon Meadow!  We plant fresh fruits and vegetables, and host programs to celebrate the harvest.  If you have a green thumb or want to learn more about gardening then this is the place for you!

Instagram: @plants.gardening

STITCH (Students Taking Initiative to Crochet Hats)


STITCH stands for Students Taking Initiative to Crochet Hats. Don't be misled by the name! We do much more than just crocheting hats. Join STITCH (Students Taking Initiative to Crochet Hats) and learn how to crochet scarves, stuffed animals, and more! All creations are sold throughout the academic year at with the proceeds going to a charity of choice. Contact us to learn more or find us on social media!

Instagram: @ucsdmuirstitch

Tribe of Muir Transfers (TMT)


Tribe of Muir Transfers (TMT) at Muir College - uniting transfer students at Muir College. From subsidized meals, various on and off-campus events and field trips, and social nights, TMT is always ready to have some fun!