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Muir College

Welcome to The Middle of Muir

Unique to Muir's campus, the Middle of Muir, known affectionately as MOM, is comprised of several student-staffed enterprises, lounges, outdoor seating, and meeting and study rooms. Physically and figuratively at the center of the Muir campus, the Middle of Muir student center is located on the ground level of Stewart Commons (named for Muir’s founding Provost, John L Stewart).

An integral part of the Muir community, the college center is a college-directed, student-run, self-supporting auxiliary of UC San Diego. Staffed by welcoming and well-informed undergraduates, the College Center becomes a home away from home for students, faculty, staff and community members alike. More than just a series of buildings, it is a place where one can study, relax, meet with professors, make new friends, or investigate the many opportunities and activities available at Muir and UC San Diego.


M.O.M's Cafe: Bringing the quintessential college coffee shop experience to the UCSD, MOM's is the energetic heart of campus. A focus on people and product drives MOM's; drawing customers from across campus willing to hike campus for their favorite coffee and tea drinks. MOM's Cafe carries fair-trade, organic coffee from a San Diego roaster (Café Virtuoso), premium tea (Tea Bazaar), and fresh local pastries (Bread & Cie). Stay informed with @MOMsCafeUCSD on Instagram

The catalysts of this magic are the baristas (Muiristas) and the Assistants (MOMers), capable of carrying on conversations while they craft beverages and make sure you get to class on time. The MOMers host a variety of events and produce a selection of exclusive MOM merch (especially those signature green MUIR College sweaters). Middle of Muir apparel, drinkware, miscellanea, and Care Packages also available at  

M.O.M's Family Room: Equipped with a stage and sound system, the Middle of Muir plays host to open mic nights featuring student talent, cultural music and dance performances by renowned artists, and a variety of other student and community programs. 

The Middle Of Muir COMMunity is built through shared experience of socializing and study in and around MOM. The Muiristas and MOMers foster a welcoming environment, a belonging place. Students, faculty, and staff mingle and spark new connections, with interactions leading to so many good things. We celebrate and share our community and campus happenings through @MOMCOMM

Middle of Muir Quad: Outdoor space, adjacent to M.O.M's Cafe, whose main purpose is to take advantage of the San Diego weather and extend the feel of MOM's outside. Picnic tables with solar-charging umbrellas, patio seating, and lawn space to suit the needs of students. Thanks to speakers and festoon lighting, College events take place on the Quad throughout the year.

Glacier Point study lounge: Located just north of M.O.M's provides a quieter atmosphere conducive to group or individual studying with a large whiteboard and a variety of seating.

El Portal commuter lounge: Muir's commuter lounge offers a home away from home for those student residing off campus. Plenty of comfortable seating, a "quiet room", conference table, communal computers, and a number of desks, it is outfitted for a variety of needs.