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Transfer Student Life

Transfer students make up a large portion of the UC San Diego population. Both UCSD and Muir College offer a broad spectrum of services and programs to involve students in educational opportunities both in and outside the classroom. In addition, the Muir Dean of Student Affairs' staff is available to assist in a variety of ways to ensure a quality educational experience.

Active involvement is an important part of the college experience. Studies have shown that students who are involved in co-curricular activities actually do better in school than those who are not involved. The range of activities at Muir and UCSD are diverse and flexible enough to accommodate a busy schedule. Muir College and UCSD have a variety of opportunities for student involvement as a transfer student or commuter student.  Students are eligible to participate in any organization at UCSD and listed below are organizations designed specifically for transfer students.

Transfer Student Resources


Tribe of Muir Transfers (TMT)

Tribe of Muir Transfers (TMT) has a family-like atmosphere and focuses on the concerns and needs of transfer students at Muir College. TMT plans social events and activities throughout the year.  If you are a transfer student, you should join this organization!


Contact us for more information about Transfer Student Opportunities or with any questions!