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Muir College Room Selection 2023

Please check the HDH Undergrad Housing Website for the most up-to-date room selection information.

Note: If you are a prospective resident, more information will be coming soon. This is for current Muir residents and LGBTQIA+ LLC ONLY.

Eligibility & Housing Options

For Muir-registered students, you will have the opportunity to participate in room selection during Winter Quarter. As of February 1st, you should have received an email regarding your eligibility to live on campus. If you are guaranteed housing for the next year, you will be participating in this selection process.

Muir students participating in room selection will have the option of choosing Tamarack or Tuolumne Apartments. Apartment spaces only contain singles and doubles and features a capacity of 4-6 residents. Please refer to our room tours for more information on each space.

Residents will have the option to opt into gender-inclusive housing or apply for a Living Learning Community:

  • Gender-inclusive housing completely ignores gender preferences when assigning spaces, meaning that you can be housed with students of any gender. This includes apartment mates/suite mates as well as roommates in doubles/triples.
  • Muir houses the LGBTQIA+ LLC. If you would like to continue from your first year or would like to join for the first time, you will be allowed to apply for the option, even if you are registered in another college.
  • If you choose to apply for another LLC and get accepted, you will be living in the college where the LLC is hosted.


Red means the date has passed

February 15th - 22nd: Eligible continuing students submit a Continuing Student Housing Application

March 1st - 8th: Housing contracts will be issued to those that submitted a Continuing Student Housing Application by February 22nd due date.

March 2nd - 15th: Students who completed the 2023-24 housing contract including the $450 prepayment can apply for optional Living-Learning Communities, I-House or opt into Gender Inclusive Housing.

  • If you are accepted into an LLC (that is not LGBTQIA+) or accepted into I-House, you will be following the room selection timeline for the host college.
  • For example, if you are a Muir resident who is accepted into I-House, you will be following ERC's Room Selection Timeline and NOT Muir College's. 

March 28th: Deadline for students who are accepted into a Living-Learning Community, or I-House to opt out if no longer interested (still able to participate in the next phase in their Room Selection Community).

April 14th: Vacancy viewer & lottery time available online (login to the Housing Portal) for Muir College and LGBTQIA+ LLC

April 18th: Muir College (including LGBTQIA+ LLC) Room Selection Sign-Up

May 5th: Last day for Room Selection students to adjust their selected dining plan until mid/late August when MyRoomAssignment opens for the 2023-24 academic year for move-in and assignments.

May 8th: Last day to see current apartment-mate/roommate information until MyRoomAssignment re-opens for the 2023-24 academic year for move-in and assignments.

Room Selection FAQs

  1. How many singles/doubles are available?
    1. Apartment spaces are balanced between singles and doubles. However, singles tend to be higher in demand so they are usually selected quickly.
  2. Can I choose my apartment-mates/roommates?
    1. Yes! They must be same gender (unless you're signing up for gender-inclusive housing) and must be Muir students. LLC residents must choose other LLC residents as roommates or apartment-mates. You can form a group for just a room or for the whole apartment.
    2. When you receive your room selection time, it is recommended that your group has a leader (preferably a trusted person with the earliest time) who you will share your roommate PIN with.
    3. The leader of the group will then use the roommate PINs to assign themselves and the rest of your apartment to the rooms.
      1. By sharing your roommate PIN with your group leader, you are allowing them to assign you on their behalf.
  3. How many rooms/residents are in one apartment?
    1. Tuolumne apartment units contain either 1 double and 2 singles or 1 double and 3 singles.
    2. All Tamarack units contain 2 doubles and 2 singles.
  4. What if I don't like the room I end up with?
    1. A room change interest list will open up within the first few days of Fall Quarter where you can submit a request. While this does not guarantee a room change immediately, an offer will be made to you once a space in Muir College becomes available.
  5. Can I do this process by myself?
    1. Absolutely! Roommate groups and PINs are completely optional. You will have to sign yourself up at the allotted lottery time.
  6. There are no more singles available when I sign up.
    1. This probably means that all single bedspaces have been taken. You can either select a double space or choose not to sign up for a space.
  7. What happens when I don't sign up?
    1. There will be an opportunity after the room selection date to receive a refund of your prepayment and to opt out of the room selection process (meaning you will be living off campus next year)
    2. If you do not opt out, you will be considered a delayed assignment and your room assignment will be selected for you depending on the open bedspaces available.


Additional Resources

Per the HDH website, please contact the following if you have questions regarding:

Eligibility/Contracting/Billing - or by phone at 858-534-4010

Room Selection Process/Layouts/Self-Selection - 

Include your PID and name with any communication so that the team's can best assist you.  To access applications, contracting process and more, login to the Housing Portal below (click on 2023 Continuing Student Housing Application & Room Selection Process category) with your campus credentials when the processes open.

If you have any questions about Muir housing in particular, please contact us at