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Moving Out of Muir (during the quarter)

If you would like to move out of Muir for a specific reason (emergency, health concerns, academic-related, etc.), please follow these steps in order to make sure you have a smooth experience:

  1. Submit a contract termination request: On your housing portal, please submit a contract termination request. You will have the opportunity to submit details as well as relevant documentation. HDH will receive this request and review it (can take a few business days, please submit this ahead of time)
    1. HDH will deny your request if you do not provide sufficient information. In this case, you will still be held responsible for the room and the contract until the end of the term.
  2. If the request is approved, you will receive an email from regarding the proper move-out procedures. These steps include:
    1. Making sure your room is cleared of all items (no vacuuming needed), all furniture are returned to its original configuration, windows and doors are closed/locked, and lights are turned off.
    2. Returning the key to the Muir Residential Life office through in-person drop off or through express check-out
    3. Completing the mid-year checkout form on your housing portal once your move-out is complete.
  3. Move-out as needed, complete the checkout form, and return keys.
  4. In a few business days, HDH will be in contact regarding billing details.