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Student Environment Organizations

Biofuels Action and Awareness Network

Biofuels Action & Awareness Network Website

The Biofuels Action and Awareness network is a student group that promotes the use of biofuels in the UCSD community. The group’s current projects include Greenline, a project to get a campus shuttle running on 100% biodiesel; conducting an economic and emissions study; and designing and building a pilot scale biodiesel processor to use campus waste oil.

California Public Interest Group (CALPIRG)


CALPIRG is a California-based student-led group dedicated to promoting effective citizenship within the college campus. It is the largest environmental and community service group on the UCSD campus. CALPIRG takes on a variety of concerns, including practical solutions to California’s Environmental problems, the rising costs of textbooks, and genetically modified food, among others.

Compost Team

Compost Team Website

Students on the Compost Team works closely with the dining halls and other UCSD entities in order to successfully produce nutrient-rich compost using pre-consumer waste from around campus.

Earthguide Educational Web – Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO)

Earthguide Education Website

Sponsored by SIO, Earthguide provides educational resources in earth science, geology, oceanography, global change, climate, and environmental science for teachers and students. The website features news stories, animations, maps, and other tools to help expand the understanding of the earth.

EBE Club


Engineers for a Sustainable World

Environmental Science and Policy – Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO)

The Environmental Science and Policy group at SIO was created as a cross-disciplinary student initiative to promote the integration of student research into the policy process. The goals of the group are to provide a policy context for research being conducted at SIO, encourage students to apply their theses to policy issues, create a forum for communication across disciplines and with the public, expose students to non-academic career options. These goals are being achieved through a seminars series, coursework, publications, and workshops.

Global Environmental Brigades

Muir Environmental Corps (MEC)

MEC participates in environmental activities at UCSD and in the surrounding community. Service projects include clean-up projects in the mountains, on streams and on beach bluffs, supporting recycling efforts around the campus, and leading petition drives. It also organizes recreational trips such as camping and kayaking. All UCSD students are welcome.

Roger's Community Garden

The Student Sustainability Collective

The Sustainability Collective Website

The Student Sustainability Collective (SSC) functions as a student-managed subset of the Sustainability Resource Center (SRC) and provides a space for the community to institutionalize sustainability at the university. It emphasizes community, collaboration, and empowerment to foster a culture of responsibility and to ensure a sustainable future.

UCSD Food Co-op

UCSD Food Co-op Website

Since its inception in 1978, the UCSD Food Co-op has been dedicated to providing UCSD with an all-vegetarian food alternative. The Co-op also serves as a resource for environmentally conscious products and information. Located in the old student center, students can volunteer at the Co-op and make a difference in the UCSD community.

Vegetarian Environmentalist Group

Vegetarian Environmentalist Group Blog
Vegetarian Environmentalist Group Facebook

The Vegetarian Environmentalist Group is dedicated to emphasizing the link between vegetarianism and environmentalism by exploring the ways in which meat production and consumption impact the environment. The group hopes to educate students and provide a potential social network for vegetarians across campus.