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Inclusive Language Campaign

At Muir, we celebrate diversity.

One way we celebrate diversity is by paying attention to language. Language is our main form of communication. It plays a powerful role both in contributing to and in eliminating discrimination.

Language that is exclusive is harmful because it can inhibit or even prevent students from reaching their full potential and benefiting from their educational experiences. People can be hurt, demeaned and offended by discriminatory language. Even “positive stereotyping” (for example suggesting a particular race, gender, or age group are gifted in a particular area) can be damaging as this oversimplifies individual characteristics and ignores the diversity within groups and society more broadly.

Non-discriminatory language avoids false assumptions about people and helps to promote respectful relationships.

A commitment to inclusive language is an important attribute of a modern, diverse, and inclusive society. Inclusive language:

  • enables everyone to feel that they are being reflected in what is being said
  • can play an important role in acknowledging everyone
  • treats all people equitably and with the sensitivity and respect to which they are entitled

Muirons use inclusive language!

Current Campaign

Currently, Muir is focusing on four phrases.

"That's Retarded"

That's Retarded

"That's gay!"

That's Gay

"Illegal Aliens"

Illegal Aliens

"You Guys"

You Guys