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Guidelines for Submitting to Muir Words

Muir Words is John Muir College's Weekly Newsletter that provides a forum for Muir College, Muir Students, and Muir Student Organizations to highlight past and current events, as well as keep students up-to-date on upcoming events, academic deadlines, the Advising schedule and Advising programs, and general information from the college.

Please note that Muir Words is intended for Muir-specific promotion. While submissions from Non-Muir Student Organizations and University Offices may be considered, inclusion to the Muir Words newsletter is at the discretion of the John Muir College Office of Student Affairs. . 

Muir Words considers submissions from:

  • Muir Student Organizations
  • Events and programs sponsored by Muir College that may not directly be affiliated with a Muir Student Organization
  • Muir-related/correlated Events and Information

Submissions may run for a single issue or up to every other week of the quarter. 

Submissions are due by 12:00pm on the Wednesday of the week preceding the edition in which you would like to advertise. 

Please spell check your submission and double check your images, and note that all images will be squared and sized to a ratio of 700p x 700p, or at least 700 pixels wide. Images larger than this or that are corrupted or blurry may not be included with your submission. Muir Words does not provide graphic design for marketing materials. 

Limit the text of your submission to 60 words or fewer and include relevant information about the event including the Name of your organization, the date and time of your event, the location of the event, important  details (i.e. Free food, bring your own plates/mugs, Sign-up at MOM, Remember your masks, etc.), informational links or webpages (i.e.  Facebook event page), and contact information (i.e. Organization e-mail or Facebook page)

All Muir Words submissions must be sent through the Muir Words Google Form.

To subscribe to Muir Words or to make comments or suggestions, please send an email to Muir Words at 

Note: Muir Words DOES NOT accept submissions over email. All submissions must be entered through the Muir Words Google Form.