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John Muir College, named for the famed environmentalist, nature writer, and Sierra Club founder, offers students the most flexible General Education requirements (GEs) of all UCSD’s colleges. The college's philosophy is that students benefit most when allowed maximum freedom to choose courses meaningful to them within a program that includes both breadth and depth across different fields of inquiry in the sciences, social sciences, arts, humanities, and foreign languages. The flexible GEs make it possible for students to double major, pursue one or more minors, and take advantage of programs such as education abroad while still graduating within four years.


UC San Diego College System

The college system at UC San Diego offers many of the advantages of a small liberal arts college within the framework of a large, research university. Each college has its own GE requirements, programmatic theme, campus environment, and student life, and accepts students from all majors.  

When you apply to UC San Diego, you'll be asked on the application to rank the colleges in your order of preference. Most students get their first or second choice college, so choose carefully!

We asked, "What Makes Muir Great?" 

Pritha"Whenever I'm in Muir, I feel calm and at home. The trees, the tall buildings, and the ocean breeze create a beautiful, comfortable environment. It's extremely easy to make new friends and run into them all the time." Pritha Multani, '15


"Muir's got everything going for it but what really makes Muir great is the people. The people here are some of the most friendy, interesting, and enthusiastic I've ever met. At Muir, you are truly part of a community." Chris Shenton, '14 

Why Choose Muir?

We ♥ John Muir College!

John MuirAdditional Reasons to Choose Muir

  • Muir's flexible GEs make it possible for students to double major, pursue one or more minors, and take advantage of programs such as education abroad while still graduating within four years.
  • The college's annual traditions include the Muir Musical, Pumpkin Drop, Halloween Carnival, Muirstock, John Muic Week, and more!
  • Muir's staff is committed to getting to know you as an individual and to give you the help and support you need.
  • Muir is known for its friendly and inclusive community.  The organization of it's freshman residence halls into houses and suites makes it easy to connect with people and make lifelong friends.
  • Muir students are involved.  The college has more student organizations than any of the other colleges.
  • Muir students are successful.  The average grade point average of students who graduate from Muir is among the highest at UC San Diego.
  • Muir College promotes environmental responsiblity around campus.
  • Last but not least, Muir is the closest college to the beach!

When graduating seniors are asked if they would choose Muir again, they overwhelmingly answer, Yes.

To learn more about Muir College, start by reading About Muir College. Read about AcademicsStudent Life, and Residential Life and Muir's Commitment to the Environment. Check out our high-achieving students.  Take a campus tour!