Furry Friends of Muir Writing 

  • Katie sleeping

    Katie sprawls out in bed. (Helen Mout)

  • Peanut

    Peanut gets cozy under a pillow. (Ian Mullins)

  • Amy Forrest's adorable cat

    Amy Forrest's adorable cat

  • Phoenix

    Phoenix sleeping on the bed. (Ian Mullins)

  • Lola-Stephanie Gomez

    Lola posing for the camera. (Stephanie Gomez)

  • Tito-Stephanie Gomez

    Tito relaxing at home. (Stephanie Gomez)

  • Rawls-Alan Ward

    Rawls playing in a box. (Alan Ward)

  • Skywalker and Tonks with blannket

    Skywalker and Tonks with their blanket. (Jenni Marchisotto)

  • Suzy's dog Apollo

    Apollo relaxing and posing for his picture. (Suzy Woltmann)

  • Corgie Visit

    Corgies: Katie & Puck visit the office for some treats.

  • Little Ricky and Katie!

    Little Ricky and Katie showing their Muir pride. (Carrie Wastal & Helen Mout)

  • Marion's Cats

    Firefly and Serenity recover from their adventures. (Marion Wilson)

  • Marion's Furry Friends

    MCWP Assistant Director's son and nephew's pugs.

  • Katie taking a nap.

    Katie taking a nap. (Helen Mout)

  • Skywalker

    Skywalker. (Jenni Marchisotto)

  • Tonks

    Tonks looks at you inquisitively.(Jenni Marchisotto)

  • Bleu

    Bleu smiling for the camera.(Jenni Marchisotto)

  • Henry

    Henry the cockapoo sits dutifully behind the front desk. (Jodi Eisenberg)

  • Veronica - Cats

    Mcat, named for the "M" on his head and Mimi. (Veronica Lin)

  • Sasha on a boat

    Sasha on a boat in Mammoth. (Jennifer Low)