Academics at Muir


Celebrating the Academic Spirit 

As the second college established at UC San Diego, John Muir College embraced the philosophy of the Independent Spirit by encouraging students to have the option to choose their academic plans, to use courses from their majors towards some of their general education requirements, and to emphasize skills that make students interdisciplinary, self - directed scholars. 

Academic Advising 

John Muir College Academic Advising helps you make decisions, plan classes, navigate campus deadlines and policies, and connect you to student support services. We're part of a network that includes specialized advisors in major and minor departments and programs, and campus Career Services Center advising. 


Learning Objectives 

Muir General Education requirements are there to help you develop academic skills that address broad skills for learning and academic achievement, as defined by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). You can review our Learning Objectives on our Inventory of Educational Effectiveness Indicators. 


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Meet the Advising Staff!

Our advising staff is here to help you! In your undergraduate career, you will have the opportunity to meet with our knowledgable Peer Advisors as well as our Academic Advisors. Check us out here!