Welcome newly admitted freshmen!

Welcome to MuirYou’ve been chosen from 25,000 applicants to be one of Muir’s 800 new freshmen. You’ve achieved a lot to make it to this point, and you probably have multiple invitations from equally prestigious schools.  If you want to spend the next four years studying in a community of visionaries, innovators and overachievers – then UC San Diego is a great choice! In just half a century, UCSD has established itself as one of the premiere research universities in the world, boasting Nobel prize winners, MacArthur “Genius” Award winners, and more than 80 members of the National Academy of Sciences.

For a variety of reasons, John Muir College is the first choice of many incoming UCSD students:

  • Maximum flexibility to design an academic program that corresponds to your individual interests and goals.
  • A renowned student culture of involvement, whether it be volunteering your time (Muir Volunteer Program), becoming a doctor (Eventual Doctors of Muir), the environment (Muir Environmental Corps), or any of a host of other interests, the independent spirit pervades our active student life.  
  • A professional and dedicated college staff in Academic Advising, Student Affairs, and Residential Life. Our friendly team is here to help you get the most out of your college experience
  • Beautiful Campus – on the cooler Western side of campus, Muir is not far from the beach!

Contact Us

Academic Advising: (858)534-3580

Student Life: (858)534-3587

Residential Life: (858)534-4200

Muir Writing: (858)534-2522

Provost's Office: (858)534-3583