A Special Message to the John Muir Community

From Provost John Moore and Dean Patty Mahaffey

To all Muir Students,

For many in our community, the results of this election were unexpected.  Some students may be unaffected by this outcome while many may be experiencing several reactions to the election including anger, confusion, and even a sense of loss.  We stand together in community. 

It is our role now to show everyone around us that our commitment to the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, respect, love, integrity and compassion are not lost in one election.  These values have been established over many, long years of sacrifice, listening, struggle, progress, and continued hope.  They are not lost in negative rhetoric but rather are core to who we are as individuals and humans.  Perhaps this election will help clarify for us all these values that are so central to our community.  Muir has a strong community so as we go forward please continue to be kind and look out for each other.  

If you or a friend appears to be having a difficult time we want to remind you that there are many resources for support that are available to you, including your House Advisors, Academic Advisors, Residential Life Staff, Student Affairs Staff, etc.  Access our community resource centers including the Raza Resource Centro, the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center, Women’s Center, Black Resource Center or the Cross Cultural Center.  You are also encouraged to seek the resources at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) http://caps.ucsd.edu, (858) 534-3755, 24 hours a day.

John Moore              Patricia Mahaffey

Provost                     Dean of Student Affairs