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We've never heard anyone say that living in the residence halls or apartments at Muir College is dull! In fact, we think you'll find it to be a unique experience, more like your favorite roller coaster ride, as you experience it as more than just a place to study, sleep and eat. We are here to support your academic pursuits, but we hope to assist and facilitate your personal growth outside of the classroom in a variety of ways.

You'll notice we never use the dreaded "D" word; "dorms" just doesn't exist in our vocabulary and we hope you'll drop it from yours as well! Dorms are those dull places in which all that students do is eat, sleep and study! You'll find our facilities, Tenaya and Tioga Halls and the Tuolumne and Tamarack Apartments, much more exciting and dynamic places to live.

The Residential Life staff works with students who live in the College’s residence halls and apartments to create a safe, welcoming living and learning community. They partner with Muir’s resident House Advisers, all third or fourth-year students, to engage all resident students in the life of the College and present fun and informative programs throughout the year.


Incoming Students - Looking for Off Campus Options?

We realize that not all students have been able to get a housing contract, so here are a few UCSD resources that will help you find housing nearby. Click HERE for a list of Local Apartments.

Off Campus Housing links:

If you are still interested in pursuing housing on campus, the waiting list will go live mid-July (see here). The Housing website is a terrific resource for other questions that you may have.

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