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Muir College

The Muir College Center

Unique to our campus, the College Center is located in Stewart Commons downstairs from The Pines and offers a wide variety of products and services. The college center includes Middle of Muir (MOM) Lounge and sundry store, Muir Woods Coffee House, limited office space for student organizations, several meeting rooms, and an outdoor seating area. Students at the College also have convenient access to resources such as a computers, and a printer, all available for use by the college community.

Middle of Muir (MOM) lounge where students can relax, watch TV, surf the net, purchase tickets to an upcoming event, or sit and chat with staff and friends. POP (Purveyor of Products) is our convenience store where students can purchase school supplies, Muir gear, snack items, and beverages, just the nutrition to get them through the day. We are known for our quality products and among the lowest prices on campus. The College Center accepts cash, credit and debit cards as well as Triton Cash.

Muir Woods Coffee House— If it’s good coffee you seek, them Muir Woods is the answer. We carry fair trade, organic coffee and teas from a local roaster (Cafe Virtuoso) and are ranked among the best on campus.