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John Muir College Academic is here to help you make the most of your four (or two) years at UC San Diego. We help our students make tough decisions, plan their classes, navigate campus deadlines and policies, and get connected to student support services. We're the first piece in a campus advising system that includes advisors in the colleges, specialized advisors in major and minor departments and programs, and campus Career Service Center advising.

Muir College Academic Advising

John Muir College Academic advising is committed to guiding students from orientation through graduation by empowering them to be active participants in their education. In collaboration with university staff and faculty, we connect students with campus resources and assist them in interpreting University policy. Muir College Academic Advisors:

  • Help you make informed decisions about your academics.
  • Provide accurate information on policies, deadlines, and options.
  • Help you customize your academic plan and interpret your degree audit.
  • Refer you to specialized resources on campus to help with your goals and plans.

De-Centralized Academic Advising

UC San Diego has a de-centralized model of academic advising. Instead of a single office responsible for all advising, you will have multiple advisors with specialized roles. In addition to your Muir College Advisor, you will have other advising options:

  • Major Department Advisor will help you understand when courses are offered for your major, prerequisites for major classes, and identifying courses to fulfill your interests or goals for your major.
  • You may meet with advisors in the International Center to discuss your plans for study abroad; in the Career Service Center to help you prepare for the job market or graduate school.
  • Some students identify a faculty advisor or mentor.  Though some majors or programs may have a formal faculty advisor, faculty mentoring is usually informal,  and you will need to take the initiative to meet faculty whom you admire or would like to be your mentor.

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