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Topics of Frequently Asked Questions


Transcripts / IGETC Certification / UC Letter of Reciprocity

Send all high school transcripts, community college transcripts, and IGETC Certification Letters to:

UC San Diego
Office of Admissions and Relations with Schools
Attn: Transcripts
9500 Gilman Dr., Dept 0021
La Jolla, CA 92093-0021


For students transferring from another UC, send your transcripts to the above but your UC Letter of Reciprocity to:

University of California, San Diego
ATTN: Academic Advising
9500 Gilman Dr. #0106
La Jolla, CA 92093 - 0106

University / GE / Major / Graduation Requirements

Muir Writing (MCWP 50 vs. MCWP 125)

Transfer students who transfer in with IGETC, Partial IGETC, or UC Reciprocity, have the option to take either MCWP 50 or MCWP 125. 
The Muir Writing Office has a page describing the difference between the two.


Since MCWP 125 is an upper division course, it may be used towards Muir's 72 upper division unit requirement.

Petitioning Courses for UCSD Equivalence

Please view our Petitions and Exceptions page for guidelines about the petitioning process.

Petitioning for course equivalence is common for transfer students.  If you have taken a course at community college /another institution that you want to be counted as a course for your major/GE/university requirements, you will need to petition to have it counted.  Check first to see if you will already be given credit for an equivalent course.  If not, consider petitioning.  Contact your major department for their policy on petitioning. 


Example: You've taken the equivalent to Math 10A at CC/another institution but doesn't have the course you took as being equivalent to Math 10A at UCSD.  If you want the course you took to count as Math 10A for a major requirement, you will need to petition with your major department.  If you want the course you took to count as Math 10A for a GE requirement, you will need to petition with your college.

If the course you took at CC/another institution DOES show on as being equivalent to Math 10A at UCSD, then as long as the official transcript is received by UCSD Admissions, you will automatically receive credit for the Math 10A at UCSD course and will not need to petition.


Petition a class to meet a major requirement: Use the Undergraduate Student Petition (PDF) where you will mark the Departmental Exceptions box.  Please state clearly which course(s) you would like to use from your previous institution(s) to equal a UCSD course (or courses).  You may need to provide a course description, syllabus, and/or additional supporting documentation for each course.  Contact your major department for more information.

Petitioning a class to meet a Muir College General Education (G.E.) requirement: Use the Muir College General Education Petition (PDF) and mark the appropriate boxes.  Please include a course description or syllabus for courses taken outside of UCSD.  If you are petitioning a General Education sequence, make sure to include the 3 courses (2 if using 2 semester courses) which will complete the sequence.  It is recommended that you submit a petition before completing a sequence with UCSD courses.  Review the Muir G.E. structure before submitting your petition.  Consult a Muir College Academic Advisor via E-Advising in August for details.

Petitioning a class to meet a Muir Writing requirement (from a 4-year university only): Read about submitting a petition for a Muir Writing Course. 

Reading Your Degree Audit

Your degree audit is an assessment tool that you can use to track completion of your degree requirements.  We recommend that you make an appointment with us to go over your degree audit with an academic advisor during your first year at UCSD.

You can find your degree audit on Tritonlink.  Select Degree Audit under the Toolbox section.

Column 1 shows a list of your major requirements and Upper Division courses not currently counting for a major, minor or General Education requirement.

Column 2 shows a list of your Muir College requirements including General Education.  It will also show your minor requirements, if applicable.

Column 3 shows Muir College and UCSD requirements.  It also shows Lower Division courses not currently counting for a major, minor, or General Education requirement.

If a section shows up in red, you must still complete that requirement.  Questions about Column 1 should be directed to your major department.  Questions about Columns 2 and 3 should be directed to Muir College.  Until your transfer coursework posts on your Tritonlink Academic History, all areas of the degree audit will be red.

Taking Summer Session Classes

Incoming students are allowed to take classes during the Summer Sessions prior to Fall quarter. Check out the Summer Session page for more information on applying and enrolling.

First Day of The Quarter and Week "0"

You may have noticed on UCSD Academic Calendars that there is a distinction between '___Quarter Begins' and 'Instruction Begins.'
The first day of classes is always on the date listed for 'Instruction Begins.' The '___ Quarter Begins' is more for administrative and business purposes.

Week "0" only takes place in Fall quarters. It refers to the days between when 'Fall Quarter Begins' and 'Instruction Begins.'
'Fall Quarter Begins' usually takes place on a Monday and 'Instruction Begins' (for Fall Quarter specifically) usually takes place on a Thursday.
This days between are also known as Welcome Week when numerous activities take place all over campus!

Commuters Students

Visit the Commuter Student Services page for information about off-campus housing, renting, commuter lounges, directions, lockers and more!

Parking On-Campus

Special Announcement from the Transportation Office at UCSD:

Due to construction beginning on campus in early 2016, campus parking will be impacted. Students should evaluate whether it is necessary for them to bring a car to campus. There are numerous commuting alternatives, including campus shuttles and regional transit passes, available to students. More information can be found on the Transportation Services website. If you have any questions about transportation during the academic year, please contact the Transportation Office

Out of State & International Students

Students With Children

Military / Veteran Students

Getting Involved at Muir and UCSD

There are many ways to get involved at Muir College and UCSD campus-wide.

Muir College has its own transfer student organization called Tribe of Muir Transfers (TMT). Check out the Muir website for more information and ways to get involved.

There is also the UC San Diego All Campus Transfer Association (ACTA). You can also check out UCSD's Center For Student Involvement for information on student organizations, greek life, leadership opportunities, community service, and more!

Finally, you can check out UCSD Admission's Transfer Resource Page!

Tutoring and Support Services

Studying Abroad

Finding A Job / Career Services

UCSD's Career Services Center has a wealth of information and resources on finding on campus jobs, internships, interview practice, writing resumes, graduate school (including medical and law school!) and much more! Don't wait until you're nearing the end of your college career to take advantage of everything they have to offer!


Check out Handshak, Career Service's hub for student jobs on and off campus! Many, if not all, departments on campus hire their undergraduate student employees through Handshake

Gym and Recreational Facilities

Getting Around / Transportation Systems

Welcome Week

Looking For More?

Missed us on Triton Day? Read our Graduation Requirements handout (pdf) and our Transfer Factsheet (pdf).

Check out UCSD's New Undergraduate Student Guide for more resources!

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Resources for New Transfer Students

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