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KaVonna Holloway

Hello! My name is KaVonna Holloway. I am a 4th Year majoring in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience with a minor in Dance. I'm originally from Hayward, CA (East Bay Area!). In my free time, I love dancing, watching my favorite TV shows/movies, and listening to old and new music bops. I also love musicals so if you ever want to jam out to some favorites, I'm your person. Feel free to knock on my door if you want to hang out or chat. You can find me on the 5th floor in R6. Woot! Woot!

Nicole Sowers

Hwæt! I’m Nicole, a fourth-year English Literature major. I come from the San Fernando Valley, about an hour out of Los Angeles. I’m a Revelle student but #MuirGrown! Tuolumne has been my home since I was a freshman, and I am well acquainted with all its ghosts. At this point they must know me really well too! I love to read trashy emo YA novels, write self-indulgent poetry, keep myself up to date with a bullet journal, and make people laugh (usually by imitating John Mulaney). Most days I’m usually making the trek across campus to the Literature building, in MOM coffee shop, or on the grassy hill in front of Tuolumne catching some sun. If you ever need to find me, knock five times on the door to Q-16, if you can find it!