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Pat Danylyshyn-Adams

Associate Dean of Student Affairs & Director of Residence Life

While working under a variety of titles, Pat Danylyshyn-Adams is currently the Associate Dean of Student Affairs/Director of Residence Life at John Muir College.  Since her arrival to Muir over 40 years ago in 1977, she continues to live in Tioga Hall.  Pat completed her education at Gettysburg College in PA, the University of Southern California (USC) in LA, and recently completed her doctorate in education at Walden University.  She has also worked in residential life at USC and at Western Illinois University.  Raising her two daughters on campus was quite an adventure!  Daughter Kelly is an ob-gyn and practices in Appleton, WI, and Lauren is an esthologist in San Diego.  While students enjoyed visiting her daughters while they grew up in Tioga Hall, they are long gone, and students now come to her apartment for kitty visits!  Pat enjoys community service work, traveling, and going to the theatre!