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Gavin Granitto

Hi Y’all! My name is Gavin Granitto and I’m going to be one of the O-House HAs for Tuolumne! I’m a 4th year Revelle Student (but Muir Grown) studying Human Biology. I was born and raised in Yonkers, NY and then moved to Sturbridge, MA where I lived until I came to UCSD. I have a lot of different passions which include: music, public health, social justice, and being a nerd. I’m super social and would love to get to know you all, so please hit me up to share music, play some games, have a chat, or grab some coffee! I’m super excited to get to spend the upcoming year with you all! Catch me on the 2nd floor of Tuolumne in L1!  


Huening Tong

Hi everyone! I’m Huening, a third-year Mechanical Engineering major. I am originally from Taiping, Malaysia but am also proud to call UCSD and Muir College my home! I love all kinds of adventures, from camping under the stars to exploring sunny Sandy Eggo. Some of my passions include budget traveling and eating, preferably both at the same time. My goal is to backpack and eat my way across all 50 states before graduation (I’m currently at 11!). When I am not giving tours on campus as a College Ambassador, you can probably catch me at John’s standing in line for yet another scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream or chilling on the beach at sunset. I’ll be living in N-10 of Tuolumne so feel free to stop by, be it to say hi or to borrow the vacuum (most likely the latter)! I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and getting to know you all better!