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Kanishk Gupta (he/him/his)

Hey everyone! My name's Kanishk (he/him) and I'm a third year student majoring in Math-CS. I grew up in SoCal and then attended most of high school in the Bay Area. During the NBA season, I like watching basketball games, especially the Lakers. I also enjoy playing video games and going out for coffee/boba with friends. I'm so incredibly excited to get to know every single one of you!

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Daosiri (Siri) Rattanamansuang (she/her/hers)

Hello there! My name is Daosiri but I go by Siri! My pronouns are she/her(s)! I am from Los Angeles but was born in Thailand! I'm a 3rd year pre-med, double majoring in molecular & cell biology and public health with a concentration in medicine science! In my free time, I enjoy reading adventure/fiction books, going to the beach, attending a BTS concert, stargazing and going on night drive and hang out with friends! My favorite spot on campus is rooftop garden at Kepling Revelle, I go there to destress and enjoy the beautiful sunset view! ♡ I wanted to become an HA because when I was a freshman, I admired my HAs so much that I wanted to walk in their footsteps and pass on the kindness and knowledge that they taught me! I strive to someday be as amazing as they are! This year, I'm looking forward to making more beautiful memories and making cool events with my reslife team for my residents so I could later look back upon the memories with fondness and joy! I hope we have an amazing year together!