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Amber Lawrence (they/she)

Hi Everyone! My name is Amber Lawrence (they/she) and I am so thrilled to be the HA for F-House (cultural house) I am a second year neurobiology major from San Diego! I plan on working in research on neurodegenerative diseases and mental health issues. I wanted to become an HA to help LGBT students and make sure that new students feel supported, welcomed, and heard at UCSD. I am a huge advocate for supporting the mental health and wellbeing of students. I am initially from 7th college but wanted to be an HA at Muir because I love the emphasis on community, the trees, Mom's cafe, and the ice cream at the market. I love to surf and swim in the ocean. If you see me around, come say hi and reach out for tips on how public transit in SD works, and great places to visit and eat.



Gabbey Miner (she/her/hers)

Hi Muirons! I am a third-year senior who studies History with emphases in United States history and the history of the law, and this is my second year being an HA (even though I am from Revelle). Hiking, jogging, reading, and sitting in the sun are some of my favorite pastimes. You will see me biking around campus, sitting in MOM, or studying at the biomedical library. Don't feel timid, I am always down to chat whether it is over a coffee or over a friendly game of racquetball!