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Anahi Fajardo

Hello! My name is Anahi Fajardo and I am currently a 4th year majoring in Cognitive science with an emphasis in neuroscience. I am from Downey, California which is located in Los Angeles but Muir College has become my home away from home. I am a huge dog lover and will go up to any dog I see. I am also a big fan of music (punk rock, pop punk, spanish) but will listen to anything. Fun fact, I’ve been pescatarian for 5 years now and I enjoy exploring different restaurants in San Diego! I like going on hikes, watching movies, and concerts! I am located on the 4th floor of Tenaya if you are ever feeling bored, want someone to talk to, or if you have any questions! Can’t wait to have an incredible year in (B)uzz Lightyear House

Alania Salazar

To infinity and beyond! Hello everyone, welcome to Buzz Lightyear House! My name is Alania Salazar and I am a fourth year Clinical Psychology major with a minor in General Biology! I am from sunny Santa Barbara, CA, but John Muir College is my second home. My LOVE for frozen yogurt and In-N-Out never dies so if you enjoy these goods or all foods feel free to come along with me as we search for tasty treats and eats in San Diego! I enjoy going out in the sun, hanging with friends, hiking, and exploring sunny Sandy Eggo! If you are ever around on the third floor of Tenaya, you can find me blasting all music ranging from hip hop to Spanish music in my room! You can also find me running around campus or making gains in RIMAC gym (feel free to tag along so we can both make gains together!) I am super excited to meet you all and get ready for a fun and exciting year in Buzz Lightyear House!