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Muir College Move In 2023

Welcome to Muir College! More information regarding move-in will be coming soon, so please bookmark this page and come back to it prior to your move-in date.

Move in weekend will begin on Saturday, September 23rd. Residents can move in early (beginning September 20th) for an additional daily fee.

Please find our Part 1 Letter that we have sent to residents here.

Regarding Room Assignments

We have been receiving a high volume of emails regarding their room assignment process. Thank you for being patient with us as we answer inquiries. Here are some common responses to questions we have been getting:

  • At this time, room changes are not available. A room change interest list will open during Fall Quarter where HDH will consider requests for a room change. Emergency or urgent situations should be emailed to
  • If you are seeking accomodation for a medical/mental health related condition, please reach out to the Office of Students with Disabilities. An accomodation letter from OSD is required in order for any housing accomodations to be met.
  • If you have been accepted into a themed house if you did not sign up for one: please keep in mind that students participating in room assignment can end up in any residential hall unit, including floors where themed housing is hosted. There are no logistical or physical differences between themed housing/regular housing bedrooms or suites. Participation in themed housing events is optional.

Move-In Instructions

Please read this carefully and follow the steps below to prepare for a smooth and safe(r) move-in. Review these
following resources:
  1. Prior to arriving to Campus for the move-In process: UC San Diego Health Services strongly recommends students take a COVID test at least 1-2 days prior to your scheduled move-in date. If you test positive for COVID, you are urged to remain home to isolate and recover before coming to campus. Contact us at if you need to postpone your trip.
  2. UC San Diego’s COVID-19 Campus Resources and Guidelines
  3. Visit the Campus Vaccine Mandate page to make sure you are in compliance. Review the requirements, exceptions, and deferral requests.
  4. Your QWIK PASS will be available in the Housing Portal beginning Thursday, September 7, the QWIKPASS will state your testing time and move-in date and time. This information will help campus volunteers direct you to your destination. It also has your unique PIN code for e-locks and your campus mailing address.
  5. The option to change your Dining Plan will be available on the Housing Portal and will be accepted through Monday, October 2, 2023.
  6. Housing | Dining | Hospitality Link


Arrival and Parking/Unloading

Due to space and time constraints, you are limited to one car.


Directions by Car:

Coming from the 5 North

  • Exit west (right) I-5 onto La Jolla Village Drive.
  • Continue straight for about 1 mile (La Jolla Village becomes North Torrey Pines Road).
  • Turn right at La Jolla Shores Drive (fourth traffic light), then make an immediate left onto Scholars Drive South (you should see a soccer field on your right).
  • Driver follows directions until you arrive at the stop sign on the corner of Scholars Drive South & Scholars Lane.


Coming from the 5 South

  • Exit west (left) I-5 onto La Jolla Village Drive.
  • Continue straight for about 1 mile (La Jolla Village becomes North Torrey Pines Road).
  • Turn right at La Jolla Shores Drive (fourth traffic light), then make an immediate left onto Scholars Drive South (you should see a soccer field on your right).
  • Driver follows directions until you arrive at the stop sign on the corner of Scholars Drive South & Scholars Lane.

General unloading zones will be by Scholars Lane and Scholars Dr South ONLY. You have up to 45 minutes to unload at Scholars Dr S or 15 minutes to unload at Scholars Lane. We recommend that while your student is picking up their keys, that family members begin to assist with unloading to expedite the move-in process.  Your student can then meet you once they have their keys and continue the move-in process. Additional parking is available at the Scholars Parking Structure (temporary visitors parking and paid parking options available).  

NOTE: We have a limited number of moving bins for check out to move your belongings. You will need to leave identification (State ID, Driver’s License, High School ID) with us while checking out the bin. There is a 60-minute check out limit on bins. If the moving bins are not returned, you will be financially liable for them. We suggest you bring a dolly and/or wagon to move your heavier or bulky items. Bins will only be available during scheduled move-in hours and all services will conclude at 4 pm.

Check-In & Key Pickup

PLEASE arrive at your move-in scheduled time slot. Move-in times are planned to run from 8:30 am to 4 pm. There will be no move-ins after 4 pm. Please plan accordingly if you are flying into San Diego or traveling by vehicle. Your move-in appointment is an actual appointment, not a suggestion. Allow yourself ample time to navigate campus and account for traffic. The campus will be very congested with move-in traffic. You can expect some delays and/or limited accessibility to parking adjacent to the living areas.

Key pickup will be at the Mariposa Room. Please ensure you have valid identification (Driver’s License, Passport, etc.) and your QWIK PASS available to show staff. We recommend screenshotting or printing your QWIK PASS for easy access. You will receive your ID card as well as a physical bedroom key. The ID will serve as a keycard for the entrance to the facility while the bedroom key will unlock the bedroom. Please contact the Muir Residence Life Office if you discover any issues with key access during your stay.


Once you have your key and encoded student ID, you can return to the 45-minute loading zone to continue to unload and move-in your belongings to your new living space. Odd numbered rooms are single rooms and consequently have no roommate information, whereas even number rooms have multiple beds with bed locations designated with an a, b, c, or d. For example, a room assignment of TI-G46c would indicate that you are in Tioga Hall, G house, in room 46, bed C. Switching your bed space or bed assignment is not allowed.


Please use the information to determine the location of your housing space.  


Muir Residential Halls

Tenaya (TE):

●  A House: A10-40s = 1st floor; A50-80s = 2nd floor

●  B House (Wellness Theme House): B10-40s = 3rd floor; B50-80s = 4th floor

●  C House: C10-40s = 5th floor; C50-80s = 6th floor

●  D House: D10-40s = 7th floor; D50-80s = 8th floor

Tioga (TI):

●  E House: E10-40s = 1st floor; E50-80s = 2nd floor

●  F House (Cultural Theme House):

F10-40s = 3rd floor; F50-80s = 4th floor

●  G House (Wilderness Theme House):

G10-40s = 5th floor; G50-80s = 6th floor

●  H House: H10-40s = 7th floor; H50-80s = 8th floor

●  J House: 1J0-40s = 9th floor; J50-80s = 10th floor


Muir Apartments

Tuolumne Apartments (TU):

●  K Level = Ground floor

●  L Level = 2nd floor

●  N Level = 3rd floor

●  Q Level = 4th floor

●  R Level = 5th floor

Tamarack Apartments (TA):

●  200s = 2nd floor

●  300s = 3rd floor

●  400s = 4th floor

●  500s = 5th floor

●  600s = 6th floor

●  700s = 7th floor

●  800s = 8th floor

●  900s = 9th floor

Feel free to visit our Muir Virtual Room Tours for information regarding dimensions, items to bring, and amenities.


Use your keycard and pin code (on your QWIK PASS) to access your suite. Use your physical key to access the bedroom.


If you are in a triple, please use the bed assignment code to determine your bedspace.

  • If your bedspace ends with an a, you are in the bottom bunk.
  • If your bedspace ends with a b, you are in the top bunk above bedspace a.
  • If your bedspace ends with a c, you are in the top bunk above the desk.

Complete Your Room Inventory

Once you enter your space and move in your belongings, please do a thorough check of your space, and complete the Room Inventory Form on the Housing Portal.  If anything in your bedroom or apartment is broken or needs attention, please click here to complete an online Fix-It Request.

Make an Appointment to Discuss Your Residential Living Space Agreement (LSA)

All room assignments are FINAL; there is a freeze on making any room changes until the third week of Fall Quarter. The first opportunity to request a room change will be in mid-October via the “Room Change Interest” list on the HDH website. In the meantime, our staff will contact everyone to make a group appointment to discuss and complete the Residential Living Space Agreement (LSA) with one of their House Advisors (HAs). This discussion will establish, and document group living rules and ensure everyone is in agreement with community expectations.  


When you are done moving your personal belongings into your room, return the moving bin you borrowed and say your goodbyes. Remember to be courteous to other students moving in. You will have a maximum of 45 minutes to remain in the designated unloading areas. DO NOT remain parked for more than the time allotted. If you are interested in staying past the 45-minute time limit, feel free to purchase a visitor parking permit. You will need to move your vehicle to a designated visitor (V) parking spot in the Scholars Parking Structure located at Sixth College.

All visitors should use their parking permits and follow the UC San Diego parking rules and instructions.

Additional Information

Missed My Self-Scheduled Move-In Day

  • Should you miss your move-in date and anticipate arriving past 4 pm you will be asked to return the following day. Conversely, if you arrive a day before your move-in date & time we will not be able to accommodate your move-in. Please plan accordingly. Select hotels have indicated to UC San Diego that they intend to offer special rates for UC San Diego students during the move-in period.

Arriving after September 27th

  • immediately so that we may add your name to a late arrival list.  If you do not, we may release you from your contract to accommodate someone on the waitlist.

Mail services & packages

  • Your mailing address and mailbox number will be listed on your QWIK PASS.
  • Your room assignment (building name and suite or apartment number) is NOT your mailing address.
  • Letters are available in your mailbox at Muir College, packages must be picked up at the Trove at the Price Center
  • Your mailbox combination will be emailed to you 3-4 business days after you check-in.
  • Mail will not be available for pick-up until Week 0 starting September 25th.  Please do not mail parcels prior to this date, if you have any student mail questions, please reach out to .



Triton Weeks of Welcome (TWOW):  

  • We're so excited to see you on campus in just over a month, and to help kick-off your UC San Diego experience with Triton Weeks of Welcome (TWOW), a series of introductory activities, special 3 programs, and signature events – all designed to engage, inform, and welcome new students to the Triton community.

Resources & Contact Information

We highly recommend reviewing these resources: 

If you have any additional questions, please visit our website at or email our office at