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Room Selection: For Continuing Students

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, traditional timelines for Muir College's Room Selection process have been adjusted. If you are eligible for housing on-campus next year, you will have received information about room selection in Winter Quarter 2020. The Housing, Dining & Hospitality Office (HDH) will inform you about your eligibility at that time. Remember, your housing guarantee entitles you to a housing space somewhere on campus, but not necessarily at Muir College or the space of your choice. Unfortunately, depending on your Room Selection lottery time, the location and type of space you most desire may not be available.

For the most current information, please visit HDH's Room Selection page. 

What is the basic room selection process?

Room Selection is the process that current first year and other guaranteed residents go through in Spring Quarter to select their on campus housing assignment for the next academic year.

This is general information for students going through the Room Selection process during Spring Quarter. Details about all of Room Selection will be forthcoming - you will receive most information about Room Selection as an email to your UCSD email address, and only your UCSD email address. There are three steps to Room Selection.

  • Apply online according to the dates specified to do this
  • Sign your contract online and make a prepayment of $450 by the deadline date.
  • Select your room online on Room Selection Day at your room selection time, or at the time of the group (of 3 students) in which you are included.


  • You must be guaranteed on-campus housing to participate in Room Selection. You are guaranteed, if you came to UCSD as a first year student who lived on campus in the fall and continued your residency through your first year, you have met all the appropriate and related housing deadlines, and you are financially current with your current housing account. You can also be guaranteed housing through your particular scholarship, or if you are registered through the Office of Students with Disabilities and that office determines you require on-campus housing.
  • If you require special accommodation, you must contact the residential life liaison at (858) 822-1782 and you must register with The Office of Students with Disabilities by calling (858) 534-4382 to determine your eligibility for housing.
  • All information regarding Room Selection will be mailed to your UCSD e-mail address. Please be sure to check that particular e-mail address regularly, and that your e-mail mailbox is not full so it can accept these messages. You will receive a number of emails regarding Room Selection.
  • Deadlines are extremely important; missing any deadline will most likely eliminate your housing guarantee and any continuation in the Room Selection process.
  • It is your responsibility to take care of your own Room Selection process - meaning, do not delegate that responsibility to your significant other, your parents, a sibling, or your pet! If someone forgets a deadline you need to meet, you will most likely be eliminated from the Room Selection process and will probably be living off campus next year!
  • Housing for Muir students going through Room Selection will be offered at Muir College in Tenaya and Tioga Halls and in the Muir Tuolumne and Tamarack Apartments. Since the priority is to keep all of our first-year students here at Muir, overflow housing for continuing students may be at another residential location.
  • If you have a question about any of this preliminary Room Selection information, please contact or the Muir Residential Life Office at

Room Selection FAQ

I have a special circumstance. Do I get a better lottery time?

All students have the same chance in room selection. We do not give priority to any group of students, including athletes, scholars, or people who are currently living in triples or at another college residential facility. However, if you have a special housing need, you may apply for OSD status. Please contact the Office for Students with Disabilities at 858.534.4382 or email as soon as possible. They will evaluate your individual housing needs and ensure they are met.

I want to live with a friend from another college, can I do that?

In room selection, continuing students choose from a space that is available to them, usually at their College of registration. Incoming freshmen are generally housed at their College of registration. Unfortunately, the All Campus Housing Program is not being offered this year.

I want to live in a gender inclusive apartment, can I do that?

All residents were given the opportunity to opt into GIH housing during their Housing Application process. Outside of this period, any student who is interested in GIH housing accommodations should contact the Muir Residential Life office for assistance.