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Welcome to the LGBTQIA+ Living and Learning Community (LLC) at Muir College

LGBTQIA+ Living Learning Community Mission Statement:

We at UC San Diego acknowledge the need to provide an inclusive space for our diverse LGBTQIA + Community members. We focus on providing a supportive residential environment that helps to empower residents who identify as LGBTQIA+ and their allies through educational programming, social community meetings, leadership opportunities, and inter-community relationships.

Part of our mission statement is to achieve a positive, inclusive and holistic community by practicing these principles:

  • Building community
  • Reclaiming History 
  • Storytelling of Individual and Collective History 
  • Celebrating the Independent Spirit
  • Intersectionality with multiple identities and power-dynamic structures
  • Fostering Safe/Brave Spaces to encourage dialogue
  • Empowering community members 
  • Being student-centered and community-driven
  • Leadership development

As a collective, we aim to make UC San Diego a place for LGBTQIA+ students to call home. We understand that the needs and struggles are diverse and unique for each individual. We strive to create a welcoming space that builds community through personal connections, learning opportunities, promoting self-awareness, and being responsive to the changing needs and concerns of the residents who live in the LGBTQIA+ Living Learning community. We take pride in making this living experience a rewarding and memorable one. 



Programs for the LLC can certainly range! We aim to make intentional programs that benefit and enrich the community through social, educational, and social justice lense. Some days, one meeting be a board game night, or others we have a discussion dedicated to learningabout LGBQTIA+ issues  — all of these contribute to building community and support between LLCers! Generally, programs will take place at every LLC meeting each week, but there are special large scale programs that the LLC puts on annually too! 

Below is a timeline for our large scale quarterly events:

  • Fall: Lavender Reception, Muir Pride Week, LLC Queer Dance, LLC Council Event
  • Winter: LLC Drag Show, LLC Council Event
  • Spring: LLC Queer Dance, LLC Council Event, Lavender Bye-Bye