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Living at Muir



Welcome to the Muir College Housing website! Here you can learn everything you need to know about living at Muir college and learn about the Muir residential complex. Living at Muir is a fun experience and we hope you are comfortable and enjoy your time living at Muir! Be sure to acquaint yourself with your House Advisors who are good and very helpful people to know.

The majority of first-year resident students live in the residence halls, Tenaya or Tioga, at Muir. Continuing students generally live in either the Muir Tamarack or Tuolumne apartments. If space availability is limited at Muir College, first-year and continuing students may be living in other residential areas around campus.

Housing at Muir is divided into small communities called houses. Houses in the residence halls consist of two floors connected by an open lounge and a spiral staircase. Tuolumne and Tamarack Apartments each have two houses divided among their floors.

Houses in Tioga and Tenaya are further divided into suites composed primarily of single and double rooms. There are a few alternative housing spaces in the residence halls. Housing rates differ for the different types of rooms.

Each house has two House Advisors (HAs) who are upper class students and are committed to developing each house into a fun and cohesive community.

Muir has three theme houses in the residence halls and a Living Learning Community which is hosted both in the Tuolumne Apartments and in one residence hall house. The three theme houses at Muir are Wellness House in Tenaya, and Cultural and Wilderness Houses in Tioga. These three theme houses provide opportunities for their residents to participate in specific activities related to the theme of the house. The LGBTQIA+ Living Learning Community (LLC) has participants from all the Colleges. First-year students participating in the LLC live in Cultural House, while continuing and transfer students in the LLC live in a cluster of apartments in the Tuolumne Apartments.

We encourage every resident to be an involved member of their community. There are a wide range of programs and activities in which to participate. It is also important for you to know the University and residential life policies you are required by your housing contract.