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John Muir College Move Out 2020

Everything you'll need to know in order to properly move out of your 2018-19 space in June 2019 will be located here in January 2019! Please check back then!

Your housing contract ends on Saturday, June15, 2019, at 6 pm. You will not be permitted to remain in your housing space after that time.

Closing and Exception Requests

Please visit later for more information.

Graduating Seniors

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Major Parking and Traffic Restrictions

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Express Check Out

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Checkout Preparation

PREPARATION FOR CHECKOUT:  You must leave your room in the clean condition you received it when you moved in.  After you check out at the Residential Life Office, a staff member will check the condition of your room with your room inventory sheet.  You will be charged for anything not found to be in order according to your inventory sheet; you may be charged to repair any damage you call in to the Customer Service Center prior to moving out.  Please follow these procedures carefully.

  1.  All room windows and sliding glass doors must be cleaned of tape, paint, and any other decoration. Be sure to close and lock your doors and windows.
  2. Please empty your trashcan and recycling bin and remove all excess trash from your room. There must be one blue recycling bin and one trash can per resident left in your room.
  3. All posters, pictures, memo boards, and other decorations must be removed from all walls, windows, and doors. The paint must be in its original condition.  You will be charged for paint chips resulting from tape removal on your walls and any door for which you are responsible.
  4. You must vacuum your carpet. Vacuums are available for check out from your HA or at the Muir Residential Life Office. Please remove all personal belongings from your house or apartment storage room, the balcony in your apartment, the kitchen, and the bathroom.
  5. ALL residents in a wing will be charged for excessive trash or cleaning of the wing and/or suite lounge no matter when they leave.
  6. All the furniture in your room at check in must be in your room at check out.  Any extra furniture or mini-fridges you put in your room during the academic year must be removed.  If you do not remove excess furniture, which includes the mini-fridges, you will be charged for furniture removal.

Damage and Cleaning Charges

All residents are responsible for the condition of their personal room and any common area they share with other residents.  You may also be charged for damage repairs you call in to the Customer Service Center (858-534-2600) prior to closing.  Damage and cleaning charges are based upon the extent of damage or cleaning necessary, and the amount of labor and materials required to complete the job.  These charges will be billed to all residents of the area responsible for them (house, suite, bedroom, apartment, etc.).

  Anticipated charges should be negotiated with your roommates, apartment, or suite mates prior to closing.  Such charges will only be re-directed to a specific individual(s) when the responsible individual(s) acknowledges his or her responsibility for the damage, and submits a written statement with his or her signature to the Muir Residential Life Office PRIOR to Saturday, June 16.


Please visit us later for more information on this.


Please do not trash anything that can be recycled!  When we recycle, we better the environment!   Donation bins from the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) will be around Muir. The bins will remain through closing.  Please donate anything you do not want to bring home - from clothes to small appliances, TVs, and computer parts.  No one may take anything out of any donation bin at any time.


Please do not forget to take your bicycle home with you, otherwise Campus Police will confiscate it!


Please visit us later for more information on this.

Personal Storage

Storage space on campus is not provided through the summer.  There are many local storage places to share with your friends.  Storage PODS are not permitted on campus.