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Course Offerings

The Environmental Studies minor program is unique among the minors housed in the colleges, in that it offers its own courses each quarter.  In addition, the program accepts courses offered by various departments as minor electives.  The following is a listing of upcoming ENVR courses for the year as well as departmental courses that are applicable to the minor requirements.

*ENVR Course Offerings are tentative and subject to change*

Environmental Studies Yearly Offerings

Environmental Studies Yearly Offerings 2020 - 2021




Intro to Environmental Studies

Instructor: C. Puritty


ENVR 102
Environment & Identity 

(Counts for Grp B of minor)

Instructor: C. Puritty


ENVR 120
Coastal Ecology

(Counts for Grp A of minor)

Instructor: K. Uyeda


ENVR 102
Env Law & Federal Policy in American Indian Country

(Counts for  Grp B of minor)

H. Ponchetti Daly

ENVR 102
Climate Change & Indigenous Approaches

(Counts for Grp B of minor)

Instructor: H. Ponchetti Daly



ENVR 140
Wilderness & Human Values

(Counts for Grp B of minor)

Instructor: B. Iatarola



 ENVR 102
Art & the Environment

(Counts for Grp B of the minor)

Instructor: O. Magallanes 


ENVR 110

Environmental Law

Instructor: T. Patterson

ENVR 141

Wilderness & Human Values Workshop
(2 units)

Instructor:  B. Iatarola

Quarterly Course Offerings - Spring 21

Course Offerings - Spring 21



  • BIEB 121: Ecology Lab
  • BIEB 140: Biodiversity
  • BILD 3: Organismic & Evolutionary Biology
  • BILD 42: Our Sustainable Future (**)
  • CHEM 173: Atmospheric Chemistry
  • ENVR 120: Coastal Ecology
  • ESYS 103: Environmental Challenges - Science & Solutions
  • SIO 10: The Earth
  • SIO 16R: Geology of National Parks (**)
  • SIO 50: Introduction to Earth & Environmental Science
  • SIO 138: The Coral Reef Environment


  • ANAR 115: Coastal Geomorphology & Environmental Change (**)
  • COMM 171: Environmental Communication
  • ECON 132: Energy Economics
  • ENVR 140: Wilderness & Human Values
  • PSYC 185: Psychology of Climate Crisis (**)
  • USP 2: Urban World System
  • USP 124: Land Use Planning
  • USP 165B: Designing the New Green Deal (**)
  • USP 171: Sustainable Development
  • VIS 157: Environmentalism Arts & Media (**)

Please note the following

  1. Only 1 lower-divison course may be used as an elective for the Env Studies minor.
  2. Courses listed above that are italicized and marked with (**) = courses that have been approved for the minor but must be updated on the degree audit.  To make this update, please submit a request on the College Minor VAC once you have enrolled in the course.


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