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Muir offers many scholarships that provide supplemental funding for students pursuing specific academic opportunities.  

TRELS Scholarship

The Triton Research & Experiential Learning Scholars (TRELS​) program is sponsored by the Council of Provosts of the Undergraduate Colleges at UC San Diego and the office of Undergraduate Research. TRELS empowers students to pursue intellectual opportunities beyond the classroom, by providing support in the form of funding and mentorship. There are four main initiatives supported through TRELS:
  1. TRELS quarterly awards 
  2. TRELS summer research program 
  3. TRELS study abroad scholarship
  4. TRELS conference funding

Visit the Undergraduate Research Hub - TRELS Program page to learn how to apply.

Jim and Julie Lin Environmental Justice Award

UCSD Muir College will award one $1,000 award to a undergraduate student who is passionate about helping underserved communities in the area of environmental justice. The award is for the 2023-2024 academic year and is available to all registered UC San Diego undergraduate students with at least junior standing and who plan to graduate during academic year 2023-2024. 
View full eligibility details and application instructions below.


Award Description

Many communities are disproportionately affected by environmental hazards and lack of access to the decision-making processes necessary to sustain a healthy community and planet. In order to promote environmental justice in underserved communities, we must not only reduce ecological harm but also ensure that environmental laws, regulations, and policies uplift the voices of all people regardless of race, income, or other forms of bias. This award is intended for a student who is committed to helping underserved populations mobilize, sustain, and protect their communities in the face of our current climate crisis.

Examples may include students who:

- Bridge various communities around initiatives and campaigns to reduce pollution and improve environmental health in underserved communities
- Teach sustainability in ways that are tailored to the needs of cultural groups (composting, recycling single-use plastic containers, etc.)
- Organize efforts for underserved communities to reclaim their land
- Facilitate access to public transit and alternative modes of transportation
- Create engaging opportunities for underserved communities to learn about the benefits of healthy foods, community gardens, and the environment
- Implement landscape designs, architectural designs, and community plans that include community gardens, pollution mitigation systems, and ways to reduce carbon emissions

Eligibility Requirements

A currently registered UCSD undergraduate student with good academic standing, upper division status, a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher, who plans to graduate during the 2023-24 academic year, and who submits the following:


(1) Scholarship application form (which consists of short essay answers about your past experiences, proudest accomplishments, and future goals in environmental justice).
(2) One letter of recommendation from a UC San Diego faculty member that expands on your activism, projects or research. 
(3) Optional: Additional letter from a community member, staff, or faculty member familiar with your work.
(4) Resume, and links to articles/websites about your accomplishments.
Apply now: Online Application
Deadline: Week 3 of Winter quarter
Questions? Email


Travel Scholarships

For Muir students in good standing who are presenting at domestic professional conferences, modest funds are available to defray travel costs. Students may only receive funding for ONE trip per fiscal year (July 1 - June 30), on a reimbursement basis. The application MUST be submitted 4 weeks prior to travel for approval.

Currently enrolled and registered students in Muir College, who are in good academic standing.

$300 per person each fiscal year (July 1 - June 30)
Can be used for the following expenses: Conference registration, transportation, lodging.

Application Process:

As scholarships are given on a reimbursement basis, the traveler must pay all the expenses. Upon returning, they must submit all the original receipts to the Colleges Business Office. The traveler will be reimbursed after the receipts have been submitted.

1. Please fill out this short application form and UC San Diego Student Certification for Business-Related Travel

2.  Email the completed UC San Diego Student Certification for Business-Related Travel form.

3. Upon return from trip, please provide conference documentation including itemized receipts of any of the following: airfare, conference fees, and/or lyft. Please redact any confidential mailling address information and phone numbers as we are unable to accept those.  We are unable to reimburse non-itemized receipts.  Email these items to

4. Reimbursements are processed through our College Business Office.

Provost Office will review all the applications and make a decision.

After you complete travel, please email receipts (with your name on there as the person who paid) to, and cc: Alissa Giangregorio,, who will follow up with getting you reimbursed. Thanks in advance for your patience, as it's a bureaucratic process that public universities have to go through.