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Four Year Plans

Muir College’s Provost and faculty are confident that courses and advising  are available to ensure you can complete your degree requirements in 4 years with a little planning during your first year at UCSD. The "Four Year Plans" are designed to help you start planning now to graduate from UC San Diego in 4 years for any given major.

Major requirements vary, and individual patterns are subject to change.

Note: The four year plans are sample planning guides for Muir College students. Changes may occur throughout your four years at UC San Diego. To stay on track :

  1. Check the quarterly online Schedule of Classes to see when courses are offered.
  2. Review course descriptions and prerequisites for the courses you wish to take in the online catalog.
  3. Check your major department's website for the most current information regarding major requirements.
  4. Complete the Academic Planning Worksheet (pdf) to personalize your academic plan, taking into account coursework already cleared by AP credits, and transfer coursework.

Advisors at John Muir College and the in the academic departments are there to help you keep track of changes in requirements, plan for prerequisites, and verify when courses you need are offered. Communicate with us on a regular basis to stay on track.

Please visit the Four Year Plans site to view available plans.

For more information and strategies for graduating on time, visit Timely Degree Completion.