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Summer School

  • Summer Session at UCSD
  • Summer session at a community college
    • Community college courses do not count toward your UC GPA
    • Only UC-transferable courses can fulfill UCSD requirements
    • You can look up course equivalents and UC transferable courses on
  • Summer session at another UC Campus
    • Courses at other UCs will give you units and count toward your GPA
    • Most courses taken at another UC will not automatically fulfill major or GE requirements; you will need to submit an undergraduate petition to use a course for your major or a GE petition to have a course count for your Muir GEs
  • Once you finish your GEs, you must submit your transcripts to UCSD Admissions to have them added to your UCSD records
  • See our video on Summer Session.

Inter-College Transfer to Muir from Another UCSD College

Due to our high enrollments and difficulty accommodating transfer students in our Muir Writing Writing Program, Muir College is not accepting Inter-College Transfers at this time.

  • Transfers between colleges are not automatic. They are petitions for an exception that may be denied in any quarter.
    • In order to transfer to Muir from another UCSD college, you must show that you will graduate at least two quarters faster in similar course loads by transferring to UCSD. We are typically looking for a difference of at least 5 classes and two quarters of enrollment between what you would need to do at your original college and what you would need to do at Muir.
    • You must be in good academic standing to transfer to Muir.
    • You must have completed equivalents to MCWP 40 and MCWP 50 before a transfer to Muir. Transfer students with IGETC are still required to complete either MCWP 125 or MCWP 50 after transfer to Muir, which does not usually make Muir the best option for IGETC transfer students.
  • If your goal is to save time, you will typically be able to find a similar curriculum and savings in time to degree at other UC San Diego colleges, and should discuss alternate plans with an advisor at your current college.
  • You would not meet with a Muir academic advisor to plan your inter-college transfer. You must meet with an advisor at your current college to plan and submit your form.

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 For more information on using DocuSign to route your petition, please see DocuSign:Overview