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Academic Overview for Applicants and Students Newly Admitted to Muir

Muir offers a flexible general education curriculum that mixes well with any major, and which provides you the ability to make some significant choices about what you study. We have one of the shortest writing sequences of the seven colleges (only two quarters), and do not require you to do a foreign language or to complete calculus for general education. (Though your major might require either... or even both!)

2023 Triton Day - Muir Advising Flyer for Incoming First Years

2023 Triton Day - Muir Advising Flyer for Incoming TRANSFER Years

You can find answers to some of your academic questions below:

  • In order to graduate from UCSD, you need to finish three sets of requirements:
    • University requirements which all UCSD undergraduates must complete.
    • College or General Education requirements specific to Muir College.
    • And Major requirements.
    • View Muir's college and university requirements to see what sets Muir apart from other colleges.
  • What majors can I pursue?
    • We offer over 100 majors at UC San Diego.
    • You can choose any major at Muir; your college is not tied to your major.
    • Some majors are capped. If you are not admitted to that major at admission, you have to meet special admission criteria to get in -- and some capped majors deny admission to many applicants. This may be a key factor in your decisions about admission.
  • Can I do a double major or a minor?
    • Double majors and minors are optional, and their value depends on each student's needs and situation.
    • You can add a double major or up to two minors if you will still graduate within four years (or two years if you are a transfer student). If you need to take longer, you will need the approval of the college. 
    • We have a long list of minors available at UC San Diego.
    • Whether a double major or minor is a good idea will depend on a lot of factors, including your goals, strengths, interests, finances, time to degree, the particular combination of majors(s) or minor(s) and your grades.
  • What credits to I get for my AP, IB, or transfer units
    • AP chart
    • IB Chart
    • You can also find transfer course equivalents for California Community Colleges at
    • UCSD accepts IGETC to clear GE requirements for transfer students only. If you completed IGETC requirements in high school and never attended a college after high school, we will look at your individual courses to see if they match our GEs, but will not accept IGETC itself. 
  • Can I finish in four years?
    • You can view sample 4-year graduation plans for all of our majors, and some majors also include sample 3 year plans and 2-year plans for transfer students as well!
  • When can I meet with an advisor to start planning my classes?
    • We will reach out to students who accept their admission to UC San Diego in the summer for online advising and to make recommendations about courses they should be taking in Fall Quarter. 
    • In order to place you accurately, we wait until most of the records and placement information for our over 1600 incoming new first year and transfer students to be posted, which is why we don't advise you earlier.
    • You will enroll in Fall Quarter in August at home (not at orientation!) and we will work with you to figure out options as seats in classes fill up, are added, or you need to consider other ways to stay on track with appropriate fall courses.
  • Can I change colleges after I get to UC San Diego?
    • The short answer is no. You need to accept a college based on the idea that it where you will spend your undergraduate degree, not on the hope that you will change colleges later on.