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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a burning question, but the advising office is closed, you don't want to leave a question on the Virtual Advising Center, and you are pretty sure it's a simple question? This page is for you. We have a lot of links to answers here to common questions, issues, or problems. Just take a minute and look for an answer.

Exceptions for Spring 2020 in response to COVID 19


Academic Probation and Subject to Disqualification

  • Given the uncertainty at the end of the quarter, the Provosts and Deans of Academic Advising at all of UC San Diego's colleges have decided that we will not review grades or send notices of academic probation, subject to disqualification, or academic disqualification to students based on their Winter Quarter, 2020 grades
  • If you are still concerned about your grades and academic performance, or received grades of D or F, please contact us to discuss adjustments to your schedule, repeating courses, and finding resources to improve your future grades.

Exceptions to Allow Pass/No Pass Grading

  • You may take MCWP 40, 50, or 125 pass/no pass as a one-time exception in Spring 2020 only.
  • Pass/no pass grades taken in Spring 2020 only will not count toward the maximum of 25% of your UC San Diego units that may be taken pass/no pass.
  • You may repeat a D or F grade by taking a course P/NP by exception in Spring 2020 only. This will require no paperwork from you, but must be reviewed and approved by the Academic Senate. We will update you when your approval is officially noted. Remember only the first 16 units of D, F, or NP credit taken will replace original grades in your GPA calculation.
  • You will need to confirm with your major or minor whether they will accept courses on a pass/no pass basis.

Deadline Changes for Spring Quarter, 2020 only

  • Add classes or file for part-time status will be Friday of Week 3
  • Drop without a W will be Friday of week 5
  • Drop with a W or withdraw from the quarter will be week 7
  • Change grading option from pass/no pass to letter grade or from letter grade to pass/no pass will be week 10.
  • These changes do not apply retroactively to Winter Quarter.

Academic Advising

  • Advising via Zoom - We will be offering "walk-in" advising sessions via Zoom. Please see GOOGLE CALENDAR for walk-in advising hours via Zoom.
    • Getting started with your ZOOM meeting:  Access the Zoom walk-in meetings during scheduled walkin times by selecting 'join meeting' using this meeting ID: 8615885717
  • The Virtual Advising Center, - Academic Advisors will continue to respond to your inquiries during regular business hours (Monday-Friday 8am-12pm & 1pm-4pm.)  CLOSED for Administrative Holidays. Allow 1-3 days for VAC questions to be answered. You will receive an email notice to your UCSD email account when an answer is posted.
    • Select "Contact Record" above to view your response.
    • Select  "Notification Preferences" to update your settings and get text notification of updates to your VAC records.


Instructional Videos

Enrolling in and Dropping Classes

Majors, Minors, and Academic Planning

Policies and Procedures

Muir Special Project Major

  • Muir Special Projects will allow you to complete a Bachelor of Arts in an individualized major.
  • To qualify, you must have at least a 3.25 GPA and a faculty sponsor for your major.
  • Your MSP major must include a final thesis or creative work as the final requirement of your major.
  • The MSP major cannot be used to take a customized version of an existing major or to duplicate a capped major to which you have not been admitted.
  • MSP information and application.
  • MSP contract for students taking MSP 199 as part of the major.

Inter-College Transfer to Muir from Another UCSD College

  • In order to transfer to Muir from another UCSD college, you must show that you will graduate at least two quarters faster in similar course loads by transferring to UCSD. We are typically looking for a difference of at least 5 classes and two quarters of enrollment between what you would need to do at your original college and what you would need to do at Muir.
  • You must have completed equivalents to MCWP 40 and MCWP 50 before we will approve a change to Muir.
  • You must be in good academic standing to transfer to Muir.
  • You would not meet with a Muir academic advisor to plan your inter-college transfer. You must meet with an advisor at your current college to plan and submit your form.

How to Succeed at UCSD

Petitions & Forms

*Requires additional documentation.  

** For more information on accessing DocuSign, please visit

Summer School

  • Summer session at UCSD
  • Summer session at a community college
    • Community college courses do not count toward your UC GPA
    • Only UC-transferable courses can fulfill UCSD requirements
    • You can look up course equivalents and UC transferable courses on
  • Summer session at another UC Campus
    • Courses at other UCs will give you units and count toward your GPA
    • Most courses taken at another UC will not automatically fulfill major or GE requirements; you will need to submit an undergraduate petition to use a course for your major or a GE petition to have a course count for your Muir GEs
  • Once you finish your GEs, you must submit your transcripts to UCSD Admissions to have them added to your UCSD records
  • See our video on summer session